New Jersey, NJ State of Emergency 2010 - New Jersey Gov. Christie Chris and Steve Sweeney said an emergency. By late morning, the snow is expected 15 to 20 inches. High winds, driving night visibility near zero. All area airports were closed. New Jersey NJ Transit suspended bus and Amtrak canceled all services.

Montclair adviser, said that all residents asked to stay home:

I just returned from a trip to Bay Street. All roads seem to have been touched by the plow, including major roads, such as Midland and parks. There are many accidents and disabled vehicles without four-wheel spinning, for the hill, and the blockage of large arteries, including the Walnut Grove.

Meanwhile, there are people walking down the street so when you are out to get attention in an emergency. Attention!

Millburn city has declared that all nonessential municipal offices on Monday and closed tomorrow.


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