Cincinnati - The Cincinnati Reds to win (7-6) beat the Milwaukee Brewers in a flashback game. Ramon Hernandez reached two-out, three-run homer in the final round.

Ryan Braun had a solo shot, helping Milwaukee to lead 6-3.

The Reds trailed 6-3. Cincinnati loaded base with none out, but Axford fanned Jay Bruce and got Jonny Gomes to hit the victim flew into the center.

Hernandez hit an opposite-field homer into the Brewers bullpen. The Reds tied for the most-second win in their last at-bats while taking the NL Central title.

The Brewers had designs on overtaking NL Central champions after a change manager - Ron Roenicke took over for Ken Macha - and add Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum.

The first pitch 41 degrees made for opening the second coldest in nine-year history of Great American Ball Park, pushing the 42,398 fans to bundle in coats and blankets. Volquez warming red hooded sweatshirt. Brewers fall to start the majors' most sizzling in decades.

When Gomez homered into the upper deck two field later, the Brewers became the first team in the majors to start the season with a pair of homers since Cincinnati Pete Rose - who watched from seats behind home plate on Thursday - and Bobby Tolan connected off Don Drysdale in 1969. Drysdale did not allow another run in that one, winning 3-2.

Drew Stubbs and the National League MVP Joey Votto hit solo homers, but the Reds went into their last at-bat before Hernandez ended with a three-run shot, hitting all four of the game.
Bronx - The Egyptian cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo has been captured.

"We are happy to announce that the cobra that has been missing for seven days, here and alive and healthy," said Jim Breheny, director of the zoo.

This cobra escaped from the cage on Friday but never left the Reptile House, according to zoo officials. He was found in the corner, public non-isolated House of Representatives on Thursday.

Soon after the snake escaped, Twitter users who are not known to use @ bronxzooscobra adventures. Twitter Cobras quickly gathered 190,000 followers.

"Got a bagel at H & H Bagels on upper west side. When I ordered I said, 'I'll have the snakes on a PLAIN.' He did not laugh. Tough crowd," the "BronxZoo'sSnake" tweeted Thursday morning.

Earlier this week, he also visited Planet Rose in the East Village, go to the top of the Empire State Building, and eating cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery.

Tweets stopped after the announcement of the arrest of a snake.
Western Digital launches My Book Studio Edition II. Dual-drive storage system, reach 6 terabytes (TB), to meet the capacity needed by creative professionals and Mac enthusiasts weight, which create, store, edit and archive your HD video files and photos are large.

Integrating 6TB of storage capacity and compatibility with Apple's Time Machine. This system provides maximum performance and reliability, includes eSATA and FireWire ® 800, and FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 as the most important flexibility of the system.

"Drive My Book Studio Edition is available with storage capacity of 6TB, and greater bandwidth for creative beings that they need. With this HDD, they can effectively capture, edit and safely store their video production without the need to compress the video or reduce the video quality overall, "said Dale Pistilli, vice president of marketing, WD's branded products group.

WD has been marketing the dual-drive storage system My Book Edition II in www.wdstore.com. My Book Studio Edition II with a price of U.S. $ 549,000.
London - The British government says does not offer legal immunity to Moussa Koussa (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Libya).

"Moussa Koussa not received an offer legal immunity from the British government and international law. He spoke with British officials, including staff of the British Embassy in Tripoli," said William Hague (Foreign Secretary).

Moussa Koussa in London, March 30, and he resigned from the regime of Muammar Gaddafi.

British officials were interviewed Koussa, he has been head of intelligence service and one that is close to Gaddafi.

"Gaddafi must ask themselves about who else is going to leave him, " added Hague to reporters.
Google gives appreciation to Robert Bunsen, today, Thursday (31/03/2011), celebrating the 200th anniversary.

Google gives 'gift' birthday by making a special appearance on the Google Search Engine. With illustrations, interactive chemical laboratory equipment.

Bunsen was the most admired scientists of his generation. He spent most of his time experimenting in the lab and often find something.

Bunsen never patented his works, including 'Bunsen Burner'. Many people ask, how much wealth he collected when he patented his invention.

Bunsen-Kirchhoff Award is one award for Robert Bunsen. The award was taken from the name of Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff colleagues in recognition for extraordinary achievement in analytical spectroscopy.
On Wednesday night, the Washington Wizards point guard John Wall Punches Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

Wall to keep "Big Z". Ilgauskas extended elbow to give himself room, holding the ball, and one of his elbow hit the Wall in what appears to be the chin and upper chest. Wall does not accept and punching Big Z.

Some players try to separate, including Javale McGee. Juwann Howard, see McGee touched Ilgauskas, continue to push McGee.

Wall and Ilgauskas are removed from the game after the incident. Howard also removed from the game. McGee allowed to stay in the game.
Orlando - Dominique Wilkins, NBA basketball legend, came under fire from a fan. Wilkins was attacked after the game Atlanta Hakws vs. Orlando Magic (03/29/2011).

People who attack Wilkins was a former NBA referee, Rashan S. Michel. Rashan admitted doing it because Wilkins has not paid the debt.

Wilkins is vice president of the Hawks and a television analyst. When the attack occurred Atlanta won 85-82 from Orlando.

A spokesman Arthur Triche said: Rashin was taken to the Atlanta police station, after the incident. Lucky Wilkins was not hurt.

Wilkins is an Atlanta icon Hakws in the era of 80-90s, known also as the slam dunk champion.
Porsche Panamera Turbo S, a sports sedan. This vehicle will be introduced by Porsche AG this month.

Panamera is very powerful, based on the Turbo model. Panamera Turbo S carrying the 4.8-liter V8 turbocharged engine has been modified, with 50 hp higher than the standard model. Power of 550 hp.

Porsche Panamera Turbo S, the maximum speed reached 307 km / hour. And acceleration of 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds.
Classical style, the Rival Hotel in Södermalm, one of a comfortable place to stay when you travel to Stockholm, Sweden.

Rival Hotel has a strategic location. With many bars and restaurants or T bana (Swedish metropolitan railway system).

Before exploring Stockholm, with the appearance of a classic boutique hotel, a modern art-deco interior. Rival Hotel has a bakery and movie theater, a cozy and relaxing place for the past few nights.

Rooms, Abba Gold album can be found in every room along with another CD option. Because the hotel owners are Benny Andersson, a former member of Abba group music.

Rooms are equipped with sound system, DVD player, PlayStation and television. Decorations, Sweden and embrace the modern, wood element.

The hotel offers various dining and a breakfast buffet on the second floor. Breakfast room on the second floor overlooking the square, serves as a bistro at lunch and dinner. Room very comfortable.

Cost per night stay for two people start from 133 pounds
Asthma drug, are known to have benefits in inhibiting the formation of brain peptides (compounds), as beta amyloid, which causes Alzheimer's disease.

In the study, researchers at Temple University found that 5-lipoxygenase enzyme in the brain that controls the activation of gamma secretase, for the production of beta amyloid.

According to the American Journal of Pathology, March 2011 edition: When overproduced, beta amyloid causes the death of nerve cells and trigger the formation of plaque in the brain, used as a measure of the severity of Alzheimer's.

This research was led by Domenico Pratico, professor of pharmacology at Temple School of Medicine. Tested the drug zileuton, to cure asthma, through laboratory mice against Alzheimer's disease.

Found this drug could inhibit 5-lipoxygenase, thereby reducing the production of beta amyloid and amyloid plaques in the brain develop more than 50 percent.

"These drugs are already circulating in the market and most importantly has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Supervisory U.S. Agency)," says Pratico.
Microsoft, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is an environmentally friendly browser, and get a greenest label.

In the IEBlog, explaining graph test results electric consumption by using IE9, Chrome 10, Firefox 4, Opera 11 and Safari 5.

From the first browser that is IE9, Chrome 10, and Firefox 4 shows the nearest digit. However IE9 achieve the lowest watts, when visiting news sites, with HTML5 application.

For comparison, IE9 with time to 33 minutes if using battery-powered 56Wh. While Firefox 4 enables up to 31 minutes. Chrome 10, pretty bad, need 1 hour 7 minutes.

For HTML5 tests showed similar results. IE9 lead with extended battery life for 3 hours and 45 minutes. Firefox in second place with a difference 10 minutes. Then Safari 5 and Chrome 10 are able to an hour. Opera 11 to list the last position.
Google will make the user find a more personalized search results with '+1' features. This feature challenging 'Like' is introduced by Facebook.

Tested in a limited +1 button to some users. Various recommendations are more specific search results to friends with a click.

"Our goal: that you get the most relevant search results as quickly as possible," wrote Google product manager, Rob Spiro in the Google blog, reported by the Los Angeles Times (31/03/2011).

The relevance of this is more of a relationship than on the words on web pages. Google's search results by integrating social networking.

"More information from people who are known by the user, that information is shared via Twitter, Flickr and other similar sites," he added.

+1 button appears to the right of search results link. To use this feature, users must sign up for a Google account.

When the user liked the websites visited, they clicked +1 for dividing it into their friends list Gmail account and other Google services. Because in the experiment, not all can use this feature.
Moussa Koussa, Libyan Foreign Minister, resign from office, Koussa fled to England. He did not defend Muammar Gaddafi.

According to Al Jazeera, the British Foreign Ministry ensure defection Koussa from the regime of Gaddafi. Koussa arrived at Farnborough Airport, flying from Tunisia, 3/30/2011.

"He came here with his own consciousness. He has resigned from his position. We communicate with him and will give further statement," said British Foreign Ministry.

Koussa follow in the footsteps of ministers and ambassadors. They are not happy with the way Gaddafi, to use military force.

A spokesman for the Libyan government in Tripoli, has denied the defection Koussa. "He was on a diplomatic assignment," said Mussa Ibrahim, and did not give further details.


DWTS - Chris Brown, currently appearing in Dancing With the Stars out of focus. who will be the first star out.

"Love Line" is a co-host Mike Catherwood first celebrity cast-off Dancing With the Stars.

Catherwood received 30 out of 60 points. It was the lowest combined value of 11 contestants.

In the bottom three with Sugar Ray Leonard and Wendy Williams. When Catherwood was told by Tom Bergeron that he would go, and praised his partner Lacey Schwimmer.

"There has been but the experience enjoyable," he said. "It sucks to be sent first home, but I've made many good American friends clearly know that Lacey Schwimmer is a beautiful person outside,. But everyone should know he's the same, if not more, beautiful on the inside. I've made friends for life .

Chris Brown, last week's damage to the locker room after the interview "GMA", while Robin Roberts asked about Rihanna.

Cheryl Burke says she was the victim of domestic violence. "As a victim of domestic violence, I do not agree with him coming on the show, but that's beyond my control," said Burke Extra.

Bergeron also said he did not really want to talk with Brown.

Bergeron on KIIS-FM radio show Ryan Seacrest's, "because my natural tendency would be to say something. So do not put me in a position where you are asking me for not saying something, because I really would not do it."
In 1982, 7 people in Chicago died after taking Tylenol medication is mixed with potassium cyanide and causing panic throughout the city. Which has implications for the manufacturer Johnson & Johnson to spend millions of dollars in order to withdraw these products from the market.

Johnson & Johnson Recall Tylenol drug from the market after some customers experienced nausea. When swallowing pills or smell musty even in some cases there is a moldy bottle.
Judge Judy was taken to the hospital, confirmed to RumorFix.com.

Wednesday, also reported that Judge Judy has Hollywood taken to hospital after telling staff that "something was not right." Reportedly Judge Judy Underwent Oral Surgery.

His publicist confirmed the report to RumorFix:

"The judge felt nauseous and had some intestinal discomfort and decided to go to the hospital to keep him overnight for tests .."

TMZ reports: Judy was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Judge Judy said that I just needed a break.

"I'm just tired, and needed a break, take a day to cool," she said. "I feel this morning ... funky funky enough that I know someone must give gander what I got."

She insisted, though he was "really good" and "want to go back to work [Wednesday]."
"Discovery a new innovation", representing the Bangkok International Motor Show (BMS) 2011, from March 25 to April 5.

This title is to continue last year that create environmentally friendly vehicles. It is expected that car manufacturers are able to find new ideas to produce the vehicle.

BMS 2011 at Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Muang Thong Thani, a new place to display more than five motor car manufacturers of products that participate.
"Grey's Anatomy" Final. Executive producer Shonda Rhimes told TVGuide.com, he was eager to make the end of the seventh season was a mess and nature experiences.

"I do not find the final giant, large and overpowering," said Shonda. "You can not bring the gunman in the hospital every season. It will lose power. I want to do something that feels a little calmer."

When Shonda talked to TVGuide, com before Season 7 begins, physicians will be challenged with some problems. After the chaos of the tragic shooting scene on the previous season, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) has struggled to get pregnant, Cristina (Sandra Oh) struggling with PTSD, and Callie (Sara Ramirez) get the fact he get baby while Arizona's Mark (Jessica Capshaw) work in Africa .

Even so, Shonda Rhimes did not save the surprises for the final few episodes. Musical "Grey's Anatomy", Thursday, 3/31/2011 at ABC.
Lenovo launch the latest notebooks. Lenovo V470, with Intel Core i3, i5 and i7. Screen size 14 inches, with visual comfort and chiclet keyboard. Lenovo V470 to the user in the sector USMB / SOHO in the security sector, such as finger print, anti-shock, and data encryption. Power Management feature that provides power savings, with 6-cell battery, used for 3 to 4 hours.

Lenovo V470 with key recovery. There is an HDMI port and GForce 525M 2GB graphics card and 2 megapixel camera. Lenovo V470 is available with a choice of silver color.
Lenovo launch the latest notebooks, Lenovo G470 and Lenovo G570. Lenovo's latest notebook comes with a size of 14 inches and other sizes.

Lenovo G Series notebook namely G470 and G570, with the second generation of Intel Core processors. With G470 and G570 14-inch display with 15-inch screen. Display elegant, attractive color, with glossy on the front sector.

Lenovo G470 for users and professional workers, learners, because it has the appearance of an elegant dark colors. Used for daily activities. as for online activities, chat, games. Lenovo G470 uses starting from the size of 500GB hdd, and has features of the Wireless Display. For maximum use of graphics, have been integrated well with the 3D display features.

Options ranging from 1GB of RAM and above and Windows OS 7 or DOS version. Excess will be integrated OS, with Windows Enhanced Experience 2.0, which gives the speed at startup, shutdown, gaming, and a dynamic contrast ratio. Lenovo G470 with prices starting at $ 469 and can be tailored to the needs of users will be various other additional features.
To see in Atlantic City as a beginning. Like the beautiful marina and pier are legendary. Casino with its own unique theme, which is fascinating to behold.

Nightlife in Atlantic City is also interesting that very large masses, especially among the young. Party Pit Lounge Forums and Gladiator Sports Bar, big clubs and bars in the area. Never-ending nightlife, all night until morning, the entertainment never stops.

Atlantic City, filled with shows and sporting events. Circus Maximus Theater is home to many musical guest. In fact they often do comedy performances as well.

Other places such as Caesars Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall, Boardwalk Hall and even hosted the Miss America Pageant that attract large crowds every year. Throughout the year may find sporting events there.

Every year millions of both casual and professional gamblers flock to Atlantic City casinos, offers a variety of games. Like poker Blackjack Roulette and slot machines.

Each casino has an unusual game like Baccarat and Pai Gow. Many unique features poker tournament. So you can choose to visit the casino depending on the game.

Besides all that, to visit the beautiful city of New Jersey. Beautiful hotel, sea views and exceptional service. Great restaurants and shopping centers. You are interested, a good holiday to Atlantic City.
New York - Egyptian cobra is missing from the Bronx Zoo, New York, appeared on Twitter @ BronxZoosCobra. Followers amounted to 120 thousand and growing.

@ BronxZoosCobra: "On top of the Empire State Buildeing!". "All the people look like the liitle mice down there. Delicious little mice."

Egyptian cobra out of his cage. Snakes that have a deadly poison that until now has not been found. Bronx Zoo says "Reptile House will be closed until further notice."

"Based on our knowledge of natural history and behavior of snakes, we know they are looking for in a closed room and not comfortable in the open. We believe the snake was still isolated in the building," said zoo officials.
Radio 1's free music festival in Carlisle, with Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters and Olly Murs. Will be held at Carlisle Airfield on 14 and 15 May.

Registration application for tickets starting Thursday, 03/31/2011 - with 10,000 pairs, for two days. Last year nearly half a million people escaped. Tickets are allocated randomly, but are given to those who live in Carlisle, Cumbria, Scotland and Northern England border region East.

Foo Fighters, titles main Big Weekend, with the Black Eyed Peas, Tinie in advance, Plan B, Nicole Scherzinger, Chase and Status Ellie Goulding and line s Jessie J.

Scott Mills said: "Radio 1's Big Weekend has always been a big spotlight this year for me this year's line-up quite remarkable and I can not wait to go back to Carlisle."

Neil Wyatt, Editor, Live Events, BBC Radio 1, said:. "I am very happy to be bringing Radio 1's Big Weekend. Carlisle Working with City Council and Carlisle Tourism Partnership we have found a great site and should be able to give the show fantastic I believe that this is the best. We will bring some international artists and the UK to the city large and should have a major impact on the area "

Carlisle Director of Tourism Partnership, Marie Whitehead, said: "This is without doubt the biggest event in Carlisle this side of the Millennium To have the cream of music industry these days and radio talent to come to Carlisle is worth its weight in gold. We can not underestimate the magnitude of events like this happened here and the opportunity it brings to Carlisle. "
Dancing With the Stars Eliminated - Two weeks of performances, the consistency in 'Dancing With the Stars'. Wendy Williams and "Psycho Mike" Catherwood has wrestled with the lowest over-all value each week from the judges.

It's not easy for them, Wendy Williams has a very loyal followers, "Psycho Mike" has a loyal listener.

To lift them above some contestants the lower-scoring, such as Sugar Ray Leonard, Petra Nemcova, Kendra Wilkinson and ChelseaKane. It could make things interesting, the combination of public votes and judges.

This week, how to judge a performance rating so far. Bottom three are Catherwood, Williams and Leonard. The first victim of the new season "Psycho Mike" Catherwood.

Do you agree with the removal of "Psycho Mike" Catherwood?
Squads, Cricket World Cup 2011 semi-final between India and Pakistan at the PCA Stadium:

India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (capt), Gautam Gambhir, Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Virat Kohli, Yusuf Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Piyush Chawla, Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra, Ravichandran Ashwin, Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, Munaf Patel
Coach: Gary Kirsten (RSA)

Pakistan: Shahid Afridi (capt), Kamran Akmal, Misbah-ul-Haq, Mohammad Hafeez, Asad Shafiq, Saeed Ajmal, Shoaib Akhtar, Umar Gul, Umar Akmal, Abdul Razzaq, Abdur Rehman, Wahab Riaz, Junaid Khan, Younis Khan, Ahmed Shahzad
Coach: Waqar Younis (PAK)

Umpires: Simon Taufel (AUS) and Ian Gould (ENG)
TV umpire: Billy Bowden (NZL)
Match referee: Ranjan Madugalle (SRI)

Pitch conditions: Good batting surface, plenty of pace and bounce for fast bowlers too.

Head to head record for India v Pakistan World Cup semi-final:

Matches: 119
India wins: 46
Pakistan wins: 69

Tied/No result: 4
First: October 1, 1978, Quetta - India won by four runs
Last: June 19, 2010, Dambulla - India won by three wickets
Damascus -Thousands of Syrians took to the streets in Damascus and other cities, to support President Bashar al-Assad.

Bashar al-Assad, the biggest challenge in 11 years in power. Is expected to announce the termination of the emergency law in Syria.

People in Damascus, Aleppo and Hasaka, support Assad and shouted, "God, Syria, Bashar".

"With blood and soul, we will fiercely protect our national unity," shouted the demonstrators.

Independent daily Al-Watan said the Cabinet is expected to retreat, which can be viewed as a concession to the protesters oppose the government and the Baath Party, is still a monopoly in Syria.

High-ranking source in Damascus said, within 24 hours there will be forming a new cabinet. Prime Minister Mohammed Naji Otri formulate government in 2003. Cabinet reshuffle last occurred in April 2009.

"People want Bashar Assad, " shouted demonstrators in Damascus.

"No to sectarianism and not to civil unrest, " said one banner.
The issue of Jackie Chan, reportedly died, in fact the actor was still alive.

"Jackie was alive and well," wrote a note in Chan Facebook.

"He's not had a heart attack and died, as reported by various social networking sites and online news reports. Jackie fine and busy preparing for the next film."

Chan display photos, March 29 at the site. And Chan met with senior Japanese.

Description says, "Jackie met with Yuji Kumamaru, Consul General of Japan in Hong Kong to discuss the details of "Love Without Borders 3 / 11 Candlelight Gala ", which is given to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


Panasonic presents Lumix DMC-TS3 specially designed to capture high quality photos. Design the form strong and sturdy, suitable for use outdoor photo shoot.

Lumix DMC-TS3 with GPS, compass, altimeter and barometer. Hi-Speed ​​Sensor by 12.1-megapixel CCD, and the ability of waterproof to a depth of 12 meters, shockproof about 2 meters, resistance to cold air to -10 degrees Celsius and dustproof.

Lumix DMC-TS3 using 28mm wide-angle LEICA VARIO-Elmar DV, with optical zoom feature to 4.6 x. By 2.7-inch screen with 230,000 dot wide viewing angle and has anti-reflection coating.

Other features such as Power OIS, Face Recognition, Face Detection, AF Tracking, Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, and Intelligent Exposure.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3 with a choice of 4 colors: red, orange, silver, and blue.
Panasonic launches Lumix DMC GF2. One of the product system camera LUMIX G Series lenses that adapt to technology-based micro-four-thrid.

Having a small and lightweight body. The camera system with lenses that can be Replaced.

Your freedom to change their range of lenses to suit your photograph.

LUMIX GF2 can find a very interesting series of lenses, to make a true friend in your camera.

GF2 with standard micro four thirds, according to the use of an optional mount adapter DMW-MA1 or lens prestigious Leica M / R, for exploration unlimited cameras with various lens types.

Completeness Dust Reduction System technology that can banish dust or foreign objects into the camera when you change lenses.

Easy Operating intuitive touch screen and graphic user interface that lets you determine the focus point of the object image with just one touch only.

Image Recording Quality on Form 1920x1080 AVCHD Full HD Movie. This camera is capable of recording movies are very good quality.

Face detection feature automatically detects faces in a frame and adjusts focus, exposure, contrast, and color, the picture becomes real and beautiful.

DMC-GF2 is a work of art that not only in form, also in the features in the camera.

My Recommended color mode, with 8 color choices helpless high art, the user can adjust colors, brightness, saturation and contrast.
Gadgets to encourage your mobility. iPhone iFlash is a built-in camera that can provide dramatic effect.

To capture important moments when the situation is less light, or dark. With iFlash, will get a flash light that will illuminate the images perfectly.

Aside from being a flash lamp, also you can use as a flashlight.

iPhone iFlash sold at £ 19.99 or U.S. $ 32.00.
Get ready to pamper the eyes of the Istanbul Film Festival 2011. For two weeks, you can see the screening of Hollywood movies, box office Oscar-winning and internationally in seven theaters around the city. This festival is a rare opportunity to see the Turkish film. Istanbul Film Festival began on April 2.

During the festival, organizers divided participants with 231 movie titles like "Human Rights," "Documentaries" and "Young Master." More than 50 films come from Turkey.

Interested in coming, ticket prices are charged about U.S. $ 2.55-US $ 9.6. Tickets can be purchased at the cinemas.
La Paz - Bolivian President Evo Morales called for the Barack Obama birth certificate withdrawn, because he did not deserve the award related to a military campaign in Libya.

"Two years ago President Barak Obama won the birth certificate, whether he is defending world peace at this time or generate violence?" said Morales told reporters.

Obama received the birth certificate in December 2009, less than a year after taking office as U.S. president.

In a speech when receiving the birth certificate in Oslo, Obama called himself the "commander of a country in the middle of two wars" and said the armed conflict in time required.

Obama gave the birth certificate worth 1.4 million dollars to 10 charities, including working groups to assist Haiti and to help military families.

"How can the birth certificate awarded to the person who launched an invasion, the bombing?It is is a violation ,assault ,and aggression ,"said Morales .

"Obama is the leader of a group of criminals who led the attacks and the invasion and did not do anything to defend human rights," he said.
Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death most of all gynecological cancers? Many newly identified cases of ovarian cancer after an advanced stage.

British Medical Journal and Targeting Ovarian Cancer (TOC) in the United Kingdom stated that it took one month to find out the disease, after symptoms appear. There is a common symptom that can be recognized. If the common symptoms are known, then treatment can be more rapid and greater opportunity to heal.

Women must know the common symptoms of ovarian cancer. If you experience the following symptoms, do not delay to see a doctor immediately. Common symptoms of ovarian cancer include:

1. increased abdominal size large
2. often feel pain in abdomen
3. vaginal bleeding
4. often feel satiety
5. headaches and often feel tired
6. frequent vomiting and defecation
7. no appetite or difficult to eat
8. drastic weight loss
9. constant bloating
If you feel these symptoms, immediately consult a physician. TOC states, symptoms of ovarian cancer is often not detected by physicians. So you get accurate results ask for further tests or to seek "second opinion".


American Times - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced a recall of the Honda Odyssey, produced American Honda Motor Co., a problem in the power window.

Recall on 2800 units of the Honda Odyssey, 2011, in the form of problems glass windows at the driver and front passenger. It's hard to be raised and lowered due to the technical error from vendors such vehicles.

This component has a problem that can cause the glass window jams even out of the holder so that the glass could fall into the door.

This recall is intended to replace free with a new glass window and did not mention a problem with power window components.

American Honda stated that the first warranty claim they received related to this issue occurred in December and since then Honda return to a claim of warranty, up to 97 times, including a claim that states the existence of the broken glass and falling near the driver.
Washington - U.S. President, Barack Obama will deliver his official speech related to the crisis in Libya.

The speech will be held on Monday (3/28/2011), expected to get support from all citizens.

Barack Obama's speech is the first speech in response to Libyan crisis. Obama would describe and explain the purpose of the mission of the war in Libya.

Obama previously had indeed talked about the problem of Libya, but not in an official statement.

Libyan President will put the campaign into a broader context. American forces launched a missile attack last Saturday, to help protect civilians. However, due to allied attack, many civilians become casualties.

Previously, some Republican politicians demanding clarity on the objectives and strategy of the United States in Libya crisis.
Leflunomide, a drug to treat rheumatoid arthritis, could inhibit the growth of malignant melanoma. Melanoma is a cancer of pigment cells in our skin.

Dr. Grant, a scientist UAE Wheeler, and Dr Matt Tomlinson performed an analysis of thousands of compounds, to find the most influential in the development of pigment cells.

They identified several compounds that affect the pigment cells. They found leflunomide significantly limit tumor growth in mice.

When leflunomide combined with PLX4720, the effect is even stronger, almost the entire block tumor growth.

Clinical trials in the use of leflunomide for the fight against melanoma. This process is expected more quickly than usual, so that new treatments for melanoma are expected to be available in about five years.

"This is an exciting discovery by using existing drugs, particularly for melanoma," said Dr Grant Wheeler, from the UEA School of Biological Sciences.

"Deaths from melanoma skin cancer is increasing more effective treatment is needed. This research will lead to new methods for melanoma tumors in combination with other therapies and be able to stop this disease," said Dr Grant Wheeler. Research published in the Nature Journal, March 24 .
Italy, Silvio Berlusconi attend the trial on charges of corruption in Milan on Monday (3/28/2011) morning. Diamelambaikan hands to reporters and said that the charges are unreasonable.

"There are no facts which are used by prosecutors in preparing his case," said Berlusconi.

The trial which lasted closed today, Berlusconi has become a suspect in 50 cases of law throughout his career. Berlusconi often exercise the right to not attend the hearing. However, this time Mr Berlusconi said he would attend the sessions to prove his innocence.

Dozens of supporters stood outside the courthouse carrying a number of placards and flags. Berlusconi said that the legal process it, to remove main obstacle in taking power.

Berlusconi faces two other corruption charges and one count of sexual relations services purchased from a commercial sex worker under age. Although corruption and sex scandals are lower popularity, is still not yet a threat to his position as prime minister of Italy. Berlusconi has repeatedly said he is innocent.
HTC launches smart phones HTC EVO 3D and tablet HTC Evo View 4G, at CTIA Wireless 2011, Orlando, Florida.

HTC also released a smart phone based on Windows 7 Phone is partnering with AT & T, HTC HD7S. The processor on the HTC EVO 3D: Dual-core, which was launched by LG Electronics, Motorola and Samsung Electronics.

LG Electronics also introduced Thrill 4G. Equipped with dual core processors, with the 3D capabilities that support HSPA + 42Mbps download speed.

HTC EVO 3D with Gingerbread 2.3 OS, equipped with 4.3-inch screen and dual-core processor 1.2 GHz Qualcomm's Snapdragon. Double 5MP camera, capable of capturing two images of conventional and high-quality 3D video.
New York - Bronx Zoo officials, puzzled. Egyptian cobras, out of cage.

Cobra out of the cage Saturday. For the safety of visitors, the Bronx zoo is closed.

"Based on our knowledge about natural history and behavior of snakes, these animals are still being around his cage and feel uncomfortable if located in open areas," zoo official statement.

Egyptian cobra
is often found in North Africa. Very deadly, an adult elephant would be dead within three hours after the animal was pegged.

Humans survive only 15 minutes. The cobra venom, can damage the nervous system and makes breathing human beings did not work.

Egyptian cobra poisonous animal known as a very deadly. In the legend of Cleopatra, a queen in the history of ancient Egypt using snake venom to kill himself.
Alec Baldwin in a war of words, with a tabloid journalist. Due to an article written Mike Walker, Alec argument with co-star in TV series "30 Rock", Tina Fey.

Alec does not accept, and called Mike as a "queen" and "gay". Next responded by Mike in an article in the latest edition.

In the article, Mike stated that he was not a gay and his wife can attest. Alec mocking him, "Mike is a man who walked like a goat, a wheezy, old queen and all my male friends who love me agrees with this. "

Alec also had clashed with a photographer, after he left the hospital because of erroneous reports of his daughter, Ireland.
Amy Adams will play the iconic character, Lois Lane, in the film "Superman. "

"We did a massive search for the role of Lois Lane. This is a serious and very important role. We do a lot of auditions but after we met Amy Adams, she was perfect for that role," says director Zack Snyder.

Amy Adams joins with Kevin Costner (as Jonathan Kent), Diane Lane as his wife and Henry Cavill as the Superman. Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) will be produced the film.

Zack Snyder said: "This is a great thing, no one else. But fortunately the cast has a great name."

Adam has just nominated for an Oscar, his role in the film "The Fighter"which is nominated for three.
Los Angeles - Henry Cavill will play Superman and Clark Kent that will be released in December 2012.

"Super hero, Superman is the character of the most recognized and respected of all time. I am honored to be part of the return of Superman to the big screen movie," says director Zack Snyder, quoted Showbizspy.

Zack said, Henry is fit to play Superman. "I joined with Warner Bros. and producer of the film. We are very excited to see Henry. It is the perfect choice," he explained.

That role will be the role of 'escape' for Henry. Henry is famous by the show 'Tudors,' and will appear in the Immortal with Mickey Rourke, Freida Pinto and Kellan Lutz.
Anna Chapman is a Russian spy who discovered his identity. And famous after appearing on the cover of magazines.

telegraph.co.uk reported, Anna Chapman attended the weekly TV show - Ren TV (independent politics reporting channel). With the title "Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman."

Experimental and investigate the most mysterious phenomena of the modern world, "said one of Ms. Volodina TV spokesman.

December, Anna Chapman gives first television interview on the government TV station, present at the talk show popular with his mother and sister, though refusing to speak reconnaissance activities.

Anna Chapman's role in the comedy series funny from the famous Soviet spy that aired on New Year's Eve. Anna Chapman played a complementary role of a secret Soviet spy in Germany during World War II.
American Times - Sarah Lane, American Ballet Theater dancers, also acts as Natalie Portman ('Black Swan' Film), store the complaints and film executive officer.

Sarah accused, he was told by the executive at Fox Searchlight to stop "babbling" about her work in film. Natalie can be commended for exceptional dance moves are.

In the interview, Natalie Portman says about how grueling to master various techniques of ballet to heavy drama. When reached for Academy Award make these amazing performances, failed to recognize the achievements of Sarah Lane. Sarah Lane's name removed from the extra DVD that show special effects "Black Swan".


Apple Launch iOS 4.3.1

Apple released iOS 4.3.1, to fix the bug, which is associated with a mobile connection, graphics and Apple TV on Friday (03/25/2011).

iOS 4.3.1 to fix the graphical errors, which affect the fourth-generation iPod touch, resolved bugs related to the activation and connection to multiple wireless networks.

Apple iOS 4.3.1 also fixes an error that resulted in flicker images, digital AV adapter when connecting Apple TV to a television.

iOS 4.3.1 is available for the iPhone 3G and 4, iPad and iPad 2 and iPod fourth-generation.

Verizon iPhone users do not have iOS 4.3.1. iOS 4.3.1 expected to have the ability hotspotting which refers to a public place, which has internet service using Wireless LAN technology.
Virginia Commonwealth University was angry, and beat Kansas today (71-61) to earn a place in the final four for the first time in school history. For the first time in tournament history, two seeded teams will meet in the Final Four (Butler & VCU).

They won the Southwest Regional and are now set up for a Final Four meeting with Bulter on April 2nd.

Butler and Connecticut are two of the first team with enough guts and talent to reach the NCAA Final Four 2011. And VCU followed, after defeating Kansas.

Since Butler and VCU play, we guarantee that one of the two will play for the National Titles to be a non-conference strength of the first team since UNLV won the tournament 21 years ago. The winner of the game / VCU Butler will face either UConn, North Carolina or Kentucky ... all the traditional basketball power from big conferences.

NCAA Basketball 2011 Tournament will conclude with the championship game on April 4 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, USA.

Who’s your pick?
NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament 2011 - Struggling with grit and ingenuity, Butler and Connecticut, to advance to the Final Four.

After five rounds, the team slowly lost one by one, until the remaining 4 teams college basketball. Of 68 teams, four teams standing.

Butler and Connecticut was the first Final Four team.

Virginia Commonwealth University beat Kansas 71 to 61. This all Happened at the Alamodome in San Antonio. They won the Southwest Regional and are now set up for a Final Four meeting with Bulter on April 2nd.

Kentucky vs. North Carolina will battle out for one slot remaining slot.

And they will fight out to be a Final Four team.

Butler and Connecticut are two of the first team with enough guts and talent to reach the NCAA Final Four 2011. And VCU followed, after defeating Kansas.

This is the second consecutive appearance in the Final Four Butler after arriving at the NCAA Final against Duke last year. Butler has never won the tournament.

The Huskies entered the year and won the Maui Invitational Unranked Tournament for the second time. This is the fourth appearance of Connecticut in the Final Four. Connecticut claimed the title twice, in 1999 and 2004.

NCAA Final Four 2011 bracket:

1st matchup: Butler vs. Virginia Commonwealth University

2nd matchup: Connecticut vs. to be determined

2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament will conclude with the championship game on April 4, at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas, USA.
Opera released Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11, more modern for use on a tablet device.

The latest version of the browser is operating smoothly, supported pinchto-zoom and sharing button to connect to Facebook and Twitter.

Opera Mini 6 has a patented data compression technology through the utilization of the Opera server to minimize the large site pages and then applied to the phone.

Designed specifically for devices that support J2ME applications such as: BlackBerry, Android and Symbian 60.

Opera Mobile 11 is used in Symbian, Android, Windows 7, MeeGo and Maemo platforms.

Opera Mobile 11
, users can surf without a hitch to browse Web pages based HTML5.
Supernova come to 2011 Paris Grand Collection in Tokyo. BEAST and 4minute also attended the fashion show Japan designer, Yumi Katsura in February. In addition to being a guest star, and they also on the catwalk.

Katsura really admire the visual appearance and the action stage, Supernova, 4minute, and BEAST. Katsura deliberately design a special outfit.

"The personnel 4minute, BEAST, and Supernova wearing specially designed clothes. One of the best design to make this event more lively, "said one of the crew.
Bret Michaels nearly died from a brain hemorrhage, and he admitted that he was ill because of injury when performed at the Tony Awards 2009.

Bret filed a lawsuit to Los Angeles Country Superior Court against Tony Award Productions, CBS, and others. Friday (25/03/2011)

Bret Michaels said the producer did not tell the way out from the stage, and his head hit the stage equipment.

After that, Bret treated for a broken nose and split lip, but the wound in her head the newly discovered six months later is a result of the accident.

Although frequently subject to disasters, Bret claimed a silver lining because it makes him closer to Kristi Gibson.