Google will make the user find a more personalized search results with '+1' features. This feature challenging 'Like' is introduced by Facebook.

Tested in a limited +1 button to some users. Various recommendations are more specific search results to friends with a click.

"Our goal: that you get the most relevant search results as quickly as possible," wrote Google product manager, Rob Spiro in the Google blog, reported by the Los Angeles Times (31/03/2011).

The relevance of this is more of a relationship than on the words on web pages. Google's search results by integrating social networking.

"More information from people who are known by the user, that information is shared via Twitter, Flickr and other similar sites," he added.

+1 button appears to the right of search results link. To use this feature, users must sign up for a Google account.

When the user liked the websites visited, they clicked +1 for dividing it into their friends list Gmail account and other Google services. Because in the experiment, not all can use this feature.


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