Designers, Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo has a vision for a tablet with a built-in piezoelectric film, can generate power every time you touch the screen so they can go take tablets without charge.

EcoPad describes a tablet that never needs charged, but we'll believe it when we see things.

EcoPad Tablet can be extended battery life under certain conditions which certainly would be very cool and useful.
Britney is busy with the shooting schedule for music video "I Wanna Go" along with director Chris Marrs Piliero. On the first day of filming, Britney upload photos to Twitter.

There are two photos that show off Britney. The first picture, showing he stood among his new friends and the second photo Britney wearing a black miniskirt, looks are busy discussing. Britney has dyed her hair with the color pink.

"The first day of filming the music video for 'I Wanna Go'," wrote Britney on Twitter. "I want to go to sleep tonight."

"I Wanna Go" is a mainstay third single from the album "Femme Fatale" (2011), as a continuation of "Hold It Against Me" and "Till the World Ends. " Lyrics of the song was written by Shellback, Max Martin and Savan Kotecha.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a Android tablet with a 10.1-inch screen will be released. Galaxy Tab 10.1 using Android Honeycomb 3.1, this tablet will not be marketed with the standard version, Samsung's added TouchWiz and L!vepanel.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 more slim than the previous version. MkII version is thinner than iPad 2 with a thickness of 8.6 mm. Users who buy Galaxy Tab 10.1 Limited Edition, is the first generation devices, will get an update to Android 3.1 in the coming weeks.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has NVIDIA Tegra processors 2 dual-core 1GHz clock. The tablet has a camera, 8-megapixel back camera and a 2-megapixel front camera. Faster 3G connection, supporting HSPA + with 21Mbps download speeds.


Kingston will be releasing the fastest flash disk, Data Traveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 2. Universal Serial Bus (USB) 3.0 to write data at up to 70MBps, and read as fast as 100Mbps. This device is compatible with USB 2.0, although the slower bus speed.

USB 3.0 is available in various versions of the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The smallest version of the retail price charged to U.S. $ 77, medium variant U.S. $ 116 and 64GB models cost $ 213.
Microsoft will launch a new mouse "The Arc Touch". The Arc Touch is a mainstay of Microsoft's designer mouse, and was launched at the end of this year.

The Arc Touch has a touch of silver strip bar in the front. You can turn it on and move, including the force up and down, and clicking in the middle.

Mouse movements are very fast when rolling to a navigator to various websites. Consumers recognize that design is very attractive.

Slender form and can be inserted into the bag. Microsoft Touch Arc Mouse Price U.S. $ 69.95. The company will sell online and in stores.
Avril Lavigne presents music video "Smile". Avril excited through the day-to-day with a smile to everyone. Avril friendliness can treat people who are depressed and angry.

Avril invites fans to keep smiling when facing a difficult situation. Reported by Billboard, Avril presents the concept of cheerful, look at while having fun singing and shouting. Avril dedicate "Smile" to the special people in her life.

Avril Lavigne - "Smile" Official Music Video. You can free download from YouTube:


New York - May 21, 2011 in America. Harold Camping, a Christian America and also worked as a radio host to predict Judgemen day will come down to us all, inhabitants of the earth.

Believe it and do not, many American media to discuss this news. Many who do not believe the predictions Camping. If Camping is true, then the final match of the UEFA Champions trophy big-match between Barcelona and Manchester United which is scheduled May 22 certainly did not happen.

Camping never make the same prediction in 1994 that proved untrue. He later admitted that the error calculation is the result of an error in the formula. That's the reason that disclosed Camping.

They begin to better understand and realize to continue to draw near to God. It was an opinion and predictions.

How do you think? Judgemen day?
LinkedIn, social networking site for professionals, will be recorded in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under LNKD. There will be 7.84 million new shares at a price of U.S. $ 45 (nearly IDR385 thousand) per share. LinkedIn valuation will reach U.S. $ 4.5 billion.

LinkedIn decision to enter the stock market is the courageous decision, given the social networking business itself is not a business that is easy to guess or 'fudge by traders, especially the business model and possible future. Social networking does not necessarily have the same image in investors.

LinkedIn was founded by Reid Hoffman, who had become employees of PayPal and Apple, in 2003, LinkedIn managed to increase from 2 million users in 2004 to more than 100 million today. Revenues reached U.S. $ 243 million in 2010. LinkedIn Investor is Sequoia Partners, Greylock Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners, which has 37.5% of the total shares and all are not sold in this IPO. This means that only 62.5% stake in LinkedIn are offered in this IPO.


iPod Touch is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. iOS device is equipped with fingerprint scanners, which can be sent to a wireless network or stored locally on the device.

The scanner is used for the purposes of government, law enforcement and medical systems. FbF MobileOne feature is an optional accessory that uses a silicon fingerprint, and have the ability to read fingerprints FIPS-201/PIV standards.

FbF MobileOne can be used for iPod Touch. This technology is able to scan at 508 dpi fingerprint, and be fully operational until 9 hours. MobileOne has a price of U.S. $ 600.

MobileOne feature can be accepted in government programs. There is a plan will be developed biometric face recognition on mobile iPod Touch.
Look younger with the latest breakthrough, "apple stem cell therapy". This therapy is an anti-aging procedure that can make the skin young again.

In Switzerland in the 18th century planted a rare kind of apple tree. Apple fruit, called Uttwiler Sptlaube, has a very long lifespan.

Apple contains stem cells that are very active. Having the ability to regenerate other cells. Scientists extract stem cells from the fruit, include 10% medical grade oxygen, and created a therapeutic facial cream.

Owner and head beautician at Renew Anti-Aging Center, New York, Caramel O'Neill, explaining the apple stem cell therapy could help revive the loss of skin elasticity due to aging.

On reaching the age of 30, was quoted huffingtonpost.com site, you have lost 70% of oxygen in the skin, a large number of oxygen loss.

"This therapy is like a reverse aging of the skin. You can turn skin cells back, and give life back to the skin," said Caramel O'Neill.
"I Melt With You" Trailer, are shown in four gang reunion party atmosphere: Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe and Christopher McKay accompanied the girls and drinks.

"I Melt With You" tells of four herd that is Richard (Thomas), Ron (Jeremy), Tim (Chris) and Jonathan (Rob) who have been friends, spent a weekend together at every year to celebrate their friendship.

Like most people, sometimes they need to escape from it all. So one weekend, they went to a place on the beach. Influenced by sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, the reunion brought them to an unexpected place where they realize that life and the choices they have made ​​much different.

Sasha Grey (Raven), Arielle Kebbel (Randi), Carla Gugino (Laura) and Zander Eckhouse (Jonah) also starred in the drama "I Melt With You".

"I Melt With You" Official Trailer Video:

Beyonce Knowles presents the music video "Run the World (Girls)". Beyonce successfully satisfy the fans through the launch of the video in the show "American Idol" season 10.

Launched www.beyonceonline.com, in the video that Beyonce is acting as head of the army. She led hundreds of women to attack the men with a way to show their toughness and strength through the action choreography as she yelled, "Run the world, girls!".

"My persuasion can build a nation, Endless power, without love we can devour/ You'll do anything for me," "Run the World (Girls)" lyrics.

"Video 'Run the World (Girls)' will be something big and may be one of the greatest music video for Beyonce career," said Francis about the video. "I can say this as an incredible song."

"It's very risky than other, more easily track the process. I just listened to tracks and then love it, it is very different," says Beyonce. "There are few elements from Africa, containing electronic music and futuristic."

Beyoncé Knowles - "Run The World (Girls)" Official Music Video. You can free download from YouTube:

Robert Pattinson wants to switch profession as a singer. Robert video circulating online, reported by Socialite Life.

The fans did not seem surprised by the existence of the video. Robert said that often find the current time-intensive shooting schedule just to hone vocal abilities. In an interview on BBC Radio 1, Robert said he wanted to appear on stage and sing.

"I want to perform in a show because I've never done it," said Robert. "This is something different. If you've never done, then it will make you addicted."

In the interview, Robert was experiencing saturation in acting for a long time to his profession. Reported by Examiner, playing the guitar turned out to be one favorite hobby. And if one day there will not be an actor, he will pursue a career in music.

Robert Pattinson "Songs from a Room" Official Extended Video Version. You can free download from YouTube:


Amazon has prepared two new tablets to be launched in the market, "Coyote and Hollywood".

From Boy Genius Report, Coyote and Hollywood is the latest Amazon product. Coyote supported two Tegra Nvidia dual core. Hollywood uses Nvidia's quad-core processors called Kal-El. Kal-El makes a significant impetus for Tegra and offer fast performance.

Amazon tablet will be a competitor iPad currently still in the top position in terms of sales.
Lamborghini Indomable concept designed by Daniel Chinchilla Ochoa and Alberto Fernandez Albilares. Reportedly, this concept will be realized but not by Lamborghini.

Companies in United States, 215 Racing bought exclusive rights to Lamborghini Indomable design and will be realized into the figure of the vehicle. Manufacture of vehicles delivered to 215 Racing subsidiary, Mostro Di-Potenza.

Lamborghini Indomable will be named SF22, as a tribute to fighter jet F22 that influenced the design of the vehicle. While the SF itself is Street Fighter.

They will equip the vehicle with General Motors V8 engine twin-turbo 9.4-liter capacity. This machine is able to accelerate from 0-96 km / h within 2.5 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of 426 km / hour.

The company plans to produce SF22 2 units every month. SF22 Price U.S. $ 950,000.
Vegetarians (Vegan) feel difficulty in obtaining protein. Proteins build muscle mass. Protein foods for vegetarians.

1. Plain organic yogurt
Plain yogurt or yogurt flavor and add some fruits and nuts to add delicacy. Probiotics in yogurt is also good for the body.

2. Tempe
Fermented soy products rich in isoflavones which are very good for the heart.

3. Almon
Almonds are the healthiest of all types of beans available.

4. Bean
Nuts are a good source of protein. Nuts also contain lots of fiber is good for digestion.

5. Eggs

Eggs are the number one source of protein.

We do not recommend vegetarians to eat your protein supplements as a complement. Because, the natural protein is the best protein.
Ke$ha will bring the feel of "rock and roll"on a new album. Ke$ha admitted busy with various recording schedule for the second album. Ke$ha has prepared some songs that rock '70s era.

"I'm working on some songs for next album, but so far I think his music will carry the rhythm of 'rock and roll'," said Ke$ha to MTV. "I have written many songs' rock and roll 'in the 70s and I will reveal the' rock and roll 'the truth. This song would sound sexy and cool and will not sound terrible. So, we'll put a little flow of' rock and roll 'in it. "

Ke$ha said that the success in the music industry was overshadowed by the life story of the artist's idol, Keith Richards, who became a source of inspiration Ke$ha, which began in 2005.


RIM recall about a 1.000 Playbook 16GB, to prevent users from doing the initial setup of the device.

"RIM is set around a thousand BlackBerry Playbook 16GB withdrawn because it does not load properly on the initial setup of software," RIM said in a statement emailed to the Financial Post.

Most of the affected device is still in distribution channels, and has not reached the customer. Engadget (14/05/2011) reported RIM recall more than 900 Playbook.

According to Engadget, 935 Playbook 16GB version is sold through Staples Inc. will be withdrawn.

Enjoying Honeymoon Tips

How to enjoy a honeymoon?. One thing must be remembered, keep away from stress! Here are some tips for you:

1. Make your honeymoon useless technology
Do not update the status on Facebook, e-mail, the iPhone and BlackBerry. Gadgets that you use is camera.

2. Do not count calories
Enjoy a delicious variety of unique and delicious dishes. Do not feel guilty for eating a lot.

3. Relaxed
Enjoy your togetherness to relax or just cuddle in your hotel room.
Neve Campbell, finally officially divorced. The court granted the request of Los Angeles area for a divorce from John Light, quoted by TMZ.

In the document a secret agreement signed last May 6, Neve and John agreed to divide property. The agreement details, but it is unknown when filing for divorce, Neve asked the judge to reject an application for allowance for John.

Neve became famous through action as Julia Salinger in the TV series "Party of Five" (1994). Neve has twice foster home, but all foundered.
Nicki Minaj present video footage singles "So Special" as a continuation of the latest song, "Super Bass". The emergence of "So Special" surprise the fans, the music is the same as the title song sung by Mavado. Nicki is carrying the slow rhythm in the song.

"So you can keep my things/ There's nothing you can bring/ And you can have my ring/ You can add it to your bling." You're softer than a homosexual." 'So Special' lyrics, reported by Idolator.

"So Special" - Nicki Minaj Music Video. You can free download from YouTube:

Maroon 5 completed latest music video, "Out of Goodbyes". They collaborated with Lady Antebellum. However, none of Maroon 5 or Lady Antebellum who become actors in the video.

"Out of Goodbyes" tells of a woman's patience when caring for a wounded lover. However, after treatment, then he shot the man.

Launched Direct Lyrics, "Out of Goodbyes" was written by Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael and James Valentine. Is one of the flagship single from Maroon 5 third album, "Hands All Over" (2010).

Maroon 5 Feat. Lady Antebellum - "Out Of Goodbyes" Official Music Video. You can free download from YouTube:

Joe Jonas will Release First Single 'See No More'. Joe Jonas presents new single cover. Joe looks masculine wearing only a sleeveless shirt and stood between the red and cream. Joe is assisted by former girlfriend Rihanna, Chris Brown.

"This is an emotional song that makes me always try to sing it until now," said Joe, reported by E! News. "It was a lot of opportunities for artists to express their feelings through music and I could do it on this song."

"See No More" produced by Brian Kennedy, will release around June 3. But earlier, he suggests that there will be flow of pop dance and electronic music on the album.


Ducati plans to release Multistrada special edition at Quail Motorcycle Gathering this year, with name "Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak Special Edition".

Multistrada is dedicated to Greg Tracy victory, while climbing the hill at Pikes Pike in 2010. Multistrada comes in typical Ducati Corse color and black anodized footrests. Ducati is also installing a set of unique velek with red striping.

Multistrada Pikes Peak 1200 SE has exhaust Termignoni and front wind teameng low. All additional components are made of carbon fiber material to keep the weight and meet the standards of European Union rules.
The scientists found that adult patients suffering from pneumonia, are more likely to die if the deficiency of vitamin D.

Researchers at Waikato Hospital and University of Waikato and Otago measure vitamin D in blood samples from 112 patients. The patients treated for pneumonia during the winter.

The researchers found vitamin D deficiency is associated with a higher mortality rate in pneumonia patients.

The relationship between vitamin D deficiency is not by a factor of age, sex, comorbidity, severity of systemic inflammatory response, or other prognostic factors.

The researchers concluded vitamin D could contribute to enhance the immune system and prevent or treat pneumonia. The study is published in Respirology Journal, May 2011 edition.
Big Weekend, BBC Radio 1, Lady GaGa acts as a pregnant mother and singing "Born This Way", reported by BBC Radio 1.

When acting together dancers, GaGa look pregnant from the side. Dressed in black costumes and leather jackets, GaGa find it difficult to remove a jacket because it obstructed the stomach. Thus, GaGa need help from the dancers to let go of his jacket.

GaGa make changes to the hair to cover the latest song, "Hair. " GaGa change with pink hair. GaGa dressed all in black, as is used when appearing at Grammy Awards 2011.

"I really like this song (Hair)," says GaGa, reported by Music Rooms. "When I was a kid, I loved up and down stairs and my parents said, 'Go back upstairs and brush your hair, change your shirt, you can not wear it'. I guess that shows my identity."

Lady GaGa - "Born This Way" (Live at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend) Video:


ViewSonic is preparing to launch a new first tablet a 7-inch-thick with Android 3 operating system (Honeycomb), "ViewPad 7".

ViewPad 7 uses dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 chip, dual camera, HDMI port and HSPA. Weight only 380 grams. The plan, ViewPad 7 was launched May 31 at the Computex show in Taipei, Taiwan.

Not yet known, whether ViewPad 7 run Honeycomb 3.1 version or 3.0 version.
Lil Wayne music video, "John" (5/13/2011) is officially been launched through VEVO Lil Wayne. This music video did look the same as that has been circulated previously.

The music video that has circulated in April and still showing the original version of the scene where Rick Ross while sitting in a wheelchair. The difference, in the original version, the director gives the effect of vibration and lights that do not exist in music videos like in previous versions.

"The first time I spoke with Weezy, we just finished the music video for 'Look at Me Now' and he really liked the whole part in the video, including the energy and coloring effects in it," said Colin told MTV. "They have given many things to me when they give the song for me. They just said, 'We want to have energy and some vibration in this music video'."

Related to the first music video in circulation, Colin immediate action. He thought for the original video looks different.

"For me this is a game day and night, because every scene in the music video has something different," added Colin. "I get some surprising differences in the eyes of all people. I just make the experience when you watch the video. There are many differences that look cool."

Lil Wayne - "John" (Explicit) ft. Rick Ross. Officiall Music Video, you can free download from YouTube:

FA Cup Final 2011: Stoke City vs. Manchester City - Stoke City will compete in the FA Cup final. Tony Pulis asked his team focused when against Manchester City.

Pulis will lead Stoke challenge The Citizens at Wembley Stadium (05/14/2011). This is the best opportunity for the Potters to the second degree.

The focus of the players was the main concern Pulis and his team hope will be lucky.

"The biggest thing now, because you are perilously close to the game, is to prepare the players and make sure their mind is in the final," said Pulis on SkySports.

"The most important thing is to focus on the match and win. It is important to us. you hope God is with you," he continued.

"Our priority is to go there and give the best,"added Pulis.


"Winning" the result of collaboration between Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dogg and Rob Patterson, has been outstanding. The opening section of the song begins with an animated look sexy woman.

Launched E! News, "Winning" tells about the victory. Charlie started decided to try his luck through the music industry after he was fired from the TV series "Two and a Half Men". Before you begin the process of cultivating this song, Charlie upload photos when live recordings.

"This song tells the story of triumph over everything that happens in a life," says Charlie. "I think Snoop has done his work well, such as the music blends into the song. The work of music that will come out and play in a show, where we will play it every night as the closing event."

Charlie intends to donate all proceeds from the song. All funds collected will be donated to help victims of tornadoes by the end of last month.

"Winning" - Charlie Sheen ft. Charlie Sheen and Rob Patterson, Official Music. You can free download from YouTube:

Seychelles as a honeymoon. William and Kate had a holiday for a week in August 2007 on the island of Desroches, Mahe. According to one source, Williams said that this was the best vacation.

Desroches is the main island of Amirantes Group. At this location, there is an exclusive resort fit for honeymooners.

Seychelles is a classic area lying in the Indian Ocean between Tropic of Capricorn and equator. William and Kate declare Seychelles is the most ideal place for honeymoons, ranging from warm weather, white sand beaches, luxurious, and romantic.

Seychelles will experience the most humid weather in January. But in May, the temperature in Seychelles will begin windy at night. Desroches Island offers luxury resorts.

LG Optimus Black for Sale

LG officially announced LG Optimus Black, will be coming soon in Europe, North America and Asia. LG Optimus Black is equipped with NOVA display technology, the latest screen technology and give a better appearance and brightness that is perfect.

LG claims a battery life can be more durable, because the power consumption reduced by 50%.

LG has not officially announced the release date, this phone will be available in 56 operators in 50 different countries.

LG Optimus Black Specifications:
- TI OMAP 1GHz processor
- HSPA, Wi-Fi Direct Connection
- 5 megapixel camera on the back, 2 megapixel camera on the front
- Array Sensor
- 2 GB internal memory that can help with microSD
The second version of the music video "I'm Into You" has been circulating. This video featuring Lil Wayne which is packed in shades of black and and white . Reported by Idolator, Weezy scene inserted between scenes William Levy and Jennifer Lopez on the coast of Tulum's Turtle, Mexico.

Weezy does not appear in song music video "I'm Into You" first version. Because it is still on probation possession of firearms-related cases in 2007. J. Lo decided to undergo back together Weezy filming in Los Angeles for the second version.

"Lil Wayne, not a regular artist," says J.Lo. "He's an eccentric musician. I like it. I think other people also love it. Weezy has credibility as an artist."

Jennifer Lopez "I'm Into You" ft. Lil Wayne 2nd versin Official Music Video, you can free download from YouTube:

Lady GaGa will present a new music genre, "Hair". The plan, the track is scheduled to release on May 16. "Hair" release via FarmVille.

"Hair" would sound wing pop. Reported by Billboard, Lady GaGa was inspired by a '80s hits titled "We Belong" by Pat Benatar.

"This is my prayer. That I'll die living just as free as my hair," "Hair" lyrics.

"Hair" is a work of dynamic and rhythmic music that is very interesting because the fans will get the elements of dance. "Hair" featuring musical vibration that characterizes rock singer of the legendary 70's, Bruce Springsteen.
Shakira rumored to be working with the Bollywood film industry.

Reported by NDTV, Shakira was asked by the producer and composer of music, Salim-Sulaiman, to sing an original soundtrack of the Bollywood film, "Azaan". They have been conducting negotiations with a large enough number of contracts.

"Sachin and Salim-Sulaiman has been trying to lure Shakira with a large contract values ​​and roles in Bollywood,"said a source. "Last year, the deal was failed, but this year is different. They offer Shakira to play in a video to promote the film and Shakira agree."

Director and actor, Sachin, confirmed the news, it's just that he does not mention that the artist in question was named Shakira. Sachin did not want to give too much information to the media because he wanted the cooperation process goes smoothly.

"We have made ​​a deal with international artist after negotiating for months," said Sachin. "However, we will not make an announcement before all officially finished. I do not want to talk about this now. We had a few more days to signing a contract and I do not want something goes wrong."

Salim-Suleiman expressed his ideas about the songs to be sung by Shakira in the movies "Azaan". Shakira will sing a song that contains the rhythms of Bollywood.


AT&T will release HP Veer 4G mobile phones. Veer 4G will be available on May 15 and will come in two different colors, white and black. Veer 4G has a price of $ 99.99.

This device is packed with 2.6-inch display screen and a resolution of 320 x 400 pixels. Snapdragon processor 800MHz, slide-out QWERTY keyboard, 5 megapixel camera, and 8GB of internal storage memory. Veer 4G uses the operating system webOS 2.1.

AT&T HP Veer 4G specification:

- HP webOS 2.1
- 3.63 ounces
- Tri-band UMTS: 850/1900/2100; HSDPA Cat 10/HSUPA Cat 6
- Quad-band GSM/EDGE
- 800Mhz processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230)
- 2.6-inch multitouch display screen with a vibrant 18-bit color, 320×400 resolution
- Slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard
- Email and integrated IM, SMS and MMS
- Facebook integration, YouTube
- Wi-Fi/aGPS capable
- 5-megapixel camera with extended depth of field, geotagging, and video capture
- Stereo Bluetooth (2.1)
- 8GB internal storage(~6.1GB available)
- 910 mAh battery; up to 5.0 hours of talk time or up to 300 hours of standby time.
- webOS WebKit browser with Flash support
BlackBerry Curve 9300, DU released the official OS for the BlackBerry Curve 9300, OS To upgrade the OS, do not forget to backup your data using Desktop Manager.

You also can backup your application using Blackberry Swiss Army Knife (BBSAK). If this is your first learning, do it with caution. Any risk caused by this OS upgrade is not responsible.
HTC Salsa and HTC ChaCha, the current pre-orders for both phones have been opened by Amazon UK.

HTC ChaCha has a 2.6-inch size LCD screen with 480x320 pixel resolution and a QWERTY keyboard button. There are also special buttons dedicated to access Facebook. With a 600 MHz processor, equipped with a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a VGA camera on the front.

HTC Salsa has a screen measuring 3.4 inches, equipped with a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a VGA camera on the front, with 600 MHz processor and Bluetooth 3.0.

For those users who want to pre-order, £ 249.99 for HTC ChaCha and £ 319.99 for HTC Salsa, while users will get this phone on June 26 in the Amazon.
T-Mobile confirmed, G-Slate tablets will be present on the market.

The plan, G-Slate will be offered a price of $ 529.99 for T-Mobile customer and mail-in-rebate of $ 100 for two years.

G-Slate will offer HSPA + connection with a 8.9-inch screen and dual-core processors, 3D camera and the Android operating system 3.0 or Honeycomb.

T-Mobile G-Slate Specifications:
* 8.9-inch 3D-enable display (1280×720 pixels)
* Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor
* 5-megapixel rear-facing stereoscopic camera with LED flash, Full HD 1080p  and 3D video recording
* 720p HD video playback
* HDMI for 1080p HD and 3D output
* Android 3.0 Honeycomb
LeafSnap Applications serves to identify the leaf. Photo leaf will be compared with collections in the library. Later the user can collect images leaves. LeafSnap for iPhone.

still limited to trees in the Northeastern United States. Making these applications is the result of collaboration between Columbia University, University of Maryland, and Smithsonian Institute.

This summer, LeafSnap will be launched for iPad and Android.
"Dartz Prombron Nagel": Gray Design creation. Dartz Prombron an SUV manufacturer RussoBaltique in Latvia. They've launched an SUV at the top of various viewpoints.

They present the interior with leather seats. They also designed a vibrator and a bottle of vodka wrapped in solid gold.

Gray Design is the design and technical companies from Sweden who created a variety of luxury yachts and is currently working with Russian car manufacturers to create Dartz Prombron Nagel.

This vehicle will be launched next year (2012). His name was sampled from Andrey Nagel, co-founder RussoBaltique brand in 1911.

Dartz Prombron Nagel built on SUV platforms Dartz Prombron, carrying a unique machine that was developed to be able to reach 2,000 hp. This machine is made to be able to attract Yacht.
Master Shifu recall the past, he becomes a Dragon Warrior. He also reminded Po to keep the peace.

While the journey is described in another video with her ​​friends Po, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper and Crane to carry out the mandate of Master Shifu, keeping the kung fu is not destroyed. They must strive to succeed.

"Kung Fu Panda 2" tells the journey Po and The Furious Five who traveled throughout China, in order to stop weapons that could destroy the kung fu.

"Kung Fu Panda 2": Po and The Furious Five (Teaser Trailer Video), you can free download from YouTube:


Pedro Almodovar collaboration with Antonio Banderas to make the movie "The Skin That I Live In".

"The Skin That I Live In" tells the story of a leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Ledgard, are interested in creating a new skin that could save his wife who had a car accident. After 12 years, he managed to grow skin that could be used as a shield attack.

To develop study and research, Robert needs a volunteer. He also get Marilia, a woman who is willing to serve as guinea pigs.

The film will premiere in Cannes Film Festival on May 11-22 As for American release in theaters, Sony Pictures vote in November.

The film was written by Pedro Almodovar. The stars who are members of: Elena Anaya (Vera), Marisa Paredes (Marilia), Blanca Suarez (Norma), Jan Cornet, Roberto Alamo (Zeca), Eduard Fernandez and Jose Luis Gomez.

 "The Skin That I Live In": Antonio Banderas became Plastic Surgeon (Official Trailer):

Taylor Swift brings the latest music videos, "Mean". Taylor uses Orpheum Theatre and sets the stage so that it looks like a house in the area of ​​agriculture. Taylor also launch "Mean" new cover.

In this video, he appears to play a musical instrument typically African, Banjo. Taylor tells the story of children who are victims of humiliation by their peers.

Taylor also took a role as a woman who held hostage by two criminals. Elsewhere, Taylor appeared as a singer in a Broadway show and only watched by a little girl.

"One day, I'll be, living in a big old city. And all you're ever going to be is mean," Taylor Swift "Mean" lyrics.

Reported by Daily Mail, Taylor wanted to convey a message of anti humiliation through this song. He also tried to evoke the spirit of the people who get the insult, that one day they can become more powerful.

For the cultivation of this video, he entrusted to the director Declan Whitebloom. It took them two days to undergo the process of filming a video in Los Angeles.

"Mean" - Taylor Swift Deploy Anti-Harassment Messages, Official Music Video. You can free download from YouTube:

Lady GaGa provide something special for the fans. GaGa presents new single, "Marry the Night".

GaGa wrote his own poems, which reveal the courage GaGa in making the decision to stay in Brooklyn and leaving Hollywood for the sake of career.

"I'm gonna marry the night/ I won't give up on my life. I'm a warrior queen/ Live passionately tonight," "Marry the Night" lyrics.

In addition to "Marry the Night", GaGa also released "The Edge of Glory" on May 9 through iTunes. GaGa was also preparing for the single cover.

"my song entitled THE EDGE OF GLORY will be released on iTunes tomorrow, start the countdown for the launch of the album," wrote GaGa on Twitter. "You want to see the cover of the song The Edge of Glory?"

"The Edge of Glory" tells the story of the last moments of one's life on Earth. For the album will be released around May 23.

"Marry The Night" - Lady Gaga. You can free download from YouTube:

Adam Young and Shawn Chrystopher became an astronaut in the music video, "Alligator Sky". Navigating the streets in a city uninhabited. Adam and Shawn enjoying the last moments before leaving earth.

"Alligator Sky" is a mainstay of the first single from Owl City fourth album, "All Things Bright and Beautiful". This song has three versions, one as a solo single and two versions are the result of a collaboration. Prior to invite Shawn, Owl City invites B.o.B.

"The concept of the making of this video is about two men who left the Earth," Adam said, quoted by Pop Crush. "In addition, it displays the dark side that shows a sense of optimism and looks like someone who is very eager to leave the Earth."

This song is the work of Adam and Shawn, and assisted by Bobby Ray Simmons Jr.. For this album to be released around June 14.

Owl City - "Alligator Sky" ft. Shawn Chrystopher, Official Music Video. You can free download from YouTube:


"Smallville" Season 10 will soon be over. Two episodes will be aired on May 13 at CW TV station. The main character, Tom Welling, talking about the final episode.

"I think the desire of people will be met but the episode was full of ups and downs. If you have been watching for ten years, this will soon end and that's an unpleasant thing," said Tom Welling, reported by Zap 2 It. "You always want more but in reality it can not continue forever."

Reportedly married Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Erica Durance) is almost there. Yet Clark's mind can not escape from its enemy, Darkseid and Lex Luthor.

"It's fantastic," said Tom. "It was like he was gone forever but also such as had never left. The scene that I do with it done in a day and it may be the most enjoyable time I have. I am and he's got a great relationship."
Justin Bieber plan concert in Japan around next week, will it brick?.

Reporting from TMZ, concert crew worried there will be earthquakes and nuclear radiation. They refused to go to Osaka and Tokyo, for a concert on May 17-19.

According to one source, Justin's manager, Scooter Braun, furious because of the refusal crew. Scooter team insisted that the concert still went because Justin did not want to disappoint the children of Japan who has bought concert tickets. Moreover, the Japanese government has assured that the condition is now safe in both the Osaka and Tokyo.

Justin has not commented about the concert in Japan. However, Justin was known professionally in concert. Will concert in Tokyo and Osaka canceled?