"Winning" the result of collaboration between Charlie Sheen, Snoop Dogg and Rob Patterson, has been outstanding. The opening section of the song begins with an animated look sexy woman.

Launched E! News, "Winning" tells about the victory. Charlie started decided to try his luck through the music industry after he was fired from the TV series "Two and a Half Men". Before you begin the process of cultivating this song, Charlie upload photos when live recordings.

"This song tells the story of triumph over everything that happens in a life," says Charlie. "I think Snoop has done his work well, such as the music blends into the song. The work of music that will come out and play in a show, where we will play it every night as the closing event."

Charlie intends to donate all proceeds from the song. All funds collected will be donated to help victims of tornadoes by the end of last month.

"Winning" - Charlie Sheen ft. Charlie Sheen and Rob Patterson, Official Music. You can free download from YouTube:


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