Anne Hathaway - The 'One Day' actress - who has a relationship with Adam Shulman for three years - admits she recently changed her opinion about the institution after witnessing her best friend down the aisle.

In an interview with Chelsea Handler for Interview magazine she said: "I am open to marriage, I actually just went into a phase where I wanted it to look from every angle to make sure I do not just fall in step with some. type of regulated imagination.

"I was with my best friend's wedding just two days ago, and I saw this person whom I love like a sister, and who has changed my life and will remain my life for the better, I feel as close as I do not change my family committed themselves to a man she loves, and I saw how happy it made them.

"I mean, she looked like she was riding a bubble all night. I thought that weddings are important because they celebrate the life and opportunity." "

The brunette beauty Adam was thrilled by her new attitude is because she has been so openly about not want to tie the knot.

She added: "There's a smile on [Adam's] face - mainly because I such a pain in the past few months to go," Well, marriage is really an instrument of oppression? or "There once was only an exchange of property!" I have completely no romance about marriage in the last few months, so I think he's relieved that I'm kinda over it. "


Ben Stiller says his new movie 30 minutes or less is not on a real life event based.

It has been speculated that produced the project forced Stiller about a man, a time bomb vest to wear a similar incident that happened eight years ago was based.

However, speaking at the film's Hollywood premiere, Stiller said, "It was always completely separated, we have never been in any way they wanted in some way connect with what really happened ..

And so is the movie''total fiction and his own thing, and I do not think that should be taken in any way in connection with this incident and we are in no way trying to portray that. "

In 2003, a 46-year-old man killed when a bomb metal collar forced to wear it while robbing a bank exploded in Pennsylvania. His family criticized the film's plot than to have the feeling it is too similar.

Taken 30 minutes or less in the U.S. from time to time by the UK cinemas in October.


Lindsay Lohan gets bloody in a new shoot for celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

Tyler said recently ArtInfo.com how the 25-year-old actress inspired him as an artist.

"She's just ventured so. It is a character in itself and it is very good at it. I'll shoot it differently than I think they shoot each other, and I think she knows that I know that and I think we complement each other very well, "Tyler said.

Yeah Tyler you’re so “edgy” and “cool”, give me a break.
Anyone can do what you do and better!
And get another muse, Lindsay Lohan is a has-been and for the last time; She was NEVER a good actress.
She plays the same character in every movie, it’s especially noticeable in freaky friday and mean girls, she has no range.

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner asked me years until her older sisters when they turn it is to grab the spotlight.

And the younger half-siblings of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian did just that yesterday when she strutted her stuff down the red carpet and showed them a thing or learned from the reality star.

The two were at the Hollywood premiere of Glee The 3D Concert Experience film, which was also attended by the stars of the film and a large proportion of young Hollywood.

Kendall, 15, and Kylie, 13, looked much older than their years in their stylish ensembles and showed lots of leg - but fitted in nicely among the other stars who were there.

Wearing a white flowing dress with chiffon cape showed Kendall, why do they stir in the modeling world and stood for the cameras with ease.

Her dress was a daring split on the chest and was cinched at the waist with a pink ribbon and a matching stripe along the neck line.

You have to combine her dress with nude heels this season and the family's trademark long, glossy, dark hair was in full effect.

Kylie was wearing a long sleeved white shirt clean and assigns them to a pair of smart shorts.

She was also naked wedge sandals amd was as big as her sister, although he was two years younger.

Kendall, who looks much like Kim, and Kylie, Kourtney is more likely to have to carve on the way her own career in showbiz.

They both have a promising modeling career and the E! taken on the family started Reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Later on the red carpet she even tried her luck in hosting and grabbed some microphones to do a piece of the camera.

Glee Lea Michele and Dianna Agron is dazzled at the premiere, easily rivaling Hollywood A-listers in the glitz factor.

The 3D concert film is full of photographs from the occupation of the last tour and prepping behind the scenes clips of the cast and fun in between live shots.

One of the world's most legendary stadiums is looking for a new home. "The Claw", the state-of-the-art heart of the recently signed U2, record-grossing tour 360, was officially after 110 concerts in 30 countries retirement.

The price: If you have to ask ...

"It's not like buying a can of Coke," quips David James of Panther Management, which has seen the sale of the stage of more than 7 million U2 fans. (There is, in fact, to sell three identical stages.)

"It really depends on what you want to do with it," says James. "How and where you'll use it makes the price is very variable." He said, the price will be "a fraction of what it cost, to build it. "

Designed by Bono, Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, was the massive structure is an industry first, called The Claw claw-like support for its four platforms. The in-the-round stage was designed to withstand up to 185 tons of support and high wind speeds while maintaining seismic loads. Its cylindrical video screen that opens up to 14,000 square meters, is not included.

"We are repurpose on this thing," says James. "It's an amazing start to his life had. We try to find it a good second home."

Possible applications include everything from a laboratory bio-dome/conservation a magnet on a World's Fair or the Olympics. It can be a permanent or portable structure. As a place, it can provide coverage for 2,800 people.

James has already received "a number of inquiries" from all over the world. He suggests that the rungs may be purchased by a city for a waterfront landmark, to be a permanent music venue, or used for special occasions.

The people of Hard Rock International are interested. They collect rock memorabilia, although usually not so great. Think Madonna's tasseled bustier.

"It's a piece that we would like. Our designers have a great day of work with that," said Jeff Nolan, rock historian / guru at the Hard Rock memorabilia. "U2 is an icon, and their memorabilia has an emotional connection to their fans."

Nolan says he is The Claw at the Hard Rock hotel and casino properties with grounds large enough to house to see it displayed. So far the biggest piece of memorabilia from Hard Rock owned the bus in The Beatles' 1967 film Magical Mystery Tour is used. But a 28 287 square meter stage?

The whole idea is to think big.

"Why should children have to settle for a scale model?" asks Christopher Byrne, aka The Toy Guy, Director of Content TimetoPlayMag.com. "For entertainment-based toys to play are reliving an experience and creating new ones through, this is the best stage for classic will always play."

Byrne says his only worry is: Who will make the life-size action figures U2, and children are now whining for a real transformer?

"Probably not something to fear," he says. "This is finally the ultimate niche product."

Interested buyers can under panthermanagement.com / theclaw.


A fur coat once owned by martial arts film star Bruce Lee, has sold at auction in Hong Kong for almost nine times the expected price.

It was from a U.S. couple for HK $ 600,000; purchased (£ 47,000 U.S. $ 77,000).

Which remained unfinished, as Lee died the same year at the age of 32 - The jacket was worn by Lee in 1973 for the filming of Game of Death.

Twelve additional items, including a letter and a name card, went under the hammer, increase in total HK $ 1.7m.

The elements were all sold by a private collector in what was the largest ever auction of Bruce Lee memorabilia.

The jacket was worn by Lee for pre-advertising photo shoots, and the Hong Kong premiere of his most famous Movie, Enter the Dragon, shortly before his death.

Silvana and Greg Manning, the U.S. couple who will receive the award, said it was "a unique piece and a keepsake for a cult figure."

"Bruce Lee is considered one of the most important people in the martial arts area recognized," the Reuters news agency quoted Mr. Manning for granted.

"He is truly a pioneering role in the movie genre, and we respect him as a person and a person for his work and his art and for what he did."

A two-page letter Lee wrote to his friend Taky Kimura in 1966 in which he talked about filming his TV show The Green Hornet, sold for HK $ 40,000.

Albert Wong, a Hong Kong businessman, who bought several items, said Lee had taught him "to challenge the unlimited".

"He tried his best to search for excellence," Mr Wong told reporters.

Bruce Lee is considered by many to have been one of the greatest martial arts star and is bringing Kung Fu to the mainstream credit.

He remains very popular, especially in Hong Kong, where he grew up, before moving to the United States.
6.8.2011: Pop singer Niki Minaj sufferes a hilarious wardrobe malfunction at Good Morning America Weekly Summer Concert Series.

The embarrassing moment aired live on the East Coast of the U.S. but was edited out for other time zones.

Have a look at the Niki Minaj pictures.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were impressed far from perfect harmony. When interviewed by Elle magazine, Gwyneth admits she is also often a problem with Chris.

"Sometimes, it is very difficult with someone for a long time," said Gwyneth. "We have been through stages where things do not always fun."

"I always say, life is long and you'll never know what happened," she said.

Gwyneth Paltrow also admitted to God that makes marriage succeed. She considered Chris is a good father figure.

"I have made a good choice," she said. "He's a good father. He made ​​me feel more relaxed."

Gwyneth is still asking for advice about music to Chris. She felt that she did not compared to the work of Chris. "Chris was a genius musician . It was like living with Picasso," said Gwyneth.
Kim Kardashian launches new "Love" wedding limited edition perfume.

"I gladly express my marriage in a 'Love' limited edition perfume," Kim Kardashian said. "We're only producing 1,000 bottles. One for me to wear at my wedding, 200 for my bridal shower and 799 for all of you."

"I hope you all like it as me," she continued. "I got a positive response on two previous perfume and beauty of life as well as love that I have witnessed the growing every day."

This perfume can be ordered in KardashianFragrance.com with price of USD 100.

Kim Kardashian will married with Kris Humphries in California, August 20. Kim returned to upload photos of the world's first 3D magazine, World's Most Beautiful. Magazine to be released in America, August 4, and was released in two versions.


You traveled to Hong Kong, visit Hong Kong Capital Cafe to sample tasty dishes and drinks milk tea is typical.

Delicious menu, such as from processed bread, eggs, macaroni and oatmeal. You can order French toast is a little bland.

These menus can you get a price about 26 to 36 Hong Kong dollars.

This is one of the most memorable experiences in a great restaurant. Hong Kong Capital Cafe plans to open branches in Shau Kei Wan in August.

If you are interested, visit the Hong Kong Capital Cafe on 6 Heard Street, Kwong Sang Hong Building, Wan Chai.