Diagnosed with psoriasis, Kim Kardashian worried his career would end. "People do not understand how big my load to always look perfect," she said.

According to Wikipedia, psoriasis is a type of skin disease sufferers experience the process of turnover (skin) that is too fast. The emergence of this disease is sometimes a long time or recurring in an uncertain time. This disease is clinically are not life-threatening and not contagious. However, this disease can appear anywhere on the body so it can degrade the quality of life and interfere with the mental strength of the patient if not treated properly.

After seeing a dermatologist and was diagnosed with psoriasis, Kim Kardashian felt panic. "My job is to do advertising campaigns and photo bathing suit," said Kim. "People do not understand the pressure on me to look perfect," she said as quoted by the Daily Mail, (7/26/2011).

"When my weight increase, it soon became headlines. Imagine what will be proclaimed the tabloids if they see this?" she said.

The disease is inherited by the mother. "I experienced it the first time when the same age as Kim. I cried myself to sleep for months," said Jenner.

Doctor Kim said that the condition was incurable and the best way to overcome that is to be more relaxed life.


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