Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.8 Inch Vari-Angle LCD

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - Feast your eyes on an updated G Series digital camera: The G12. It's ready to impress the advanced amateurs who have always celebrated the G Series. The G12 is still loaded with powerful technologies that has made the G Series cameras so renowned, like the Canon HS SYSTEM, 2.8-inch Vari-angle PureColor System LCD, and RAW + JPEG image modes. Now, this flagship camera paves the way with these new upgrades like 720p HD Video with stereo sound to get crystal clear footage, multiple aspect ratios, High Dynamic Range, Electronic Level, Tracking AF, a Front Dial and much more to give you even more creative control than before! 

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10.0 Megapixel sensor combined with the DIGIC 4 Image Processor creates Canon's HS SYSTEM
Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - The PowerShot G12 employs the HS SYSTEM by combining a powerful 10.0 Megapixel CCD sensor and Canon's DIGIC 4 Image Processor. Thanks to this technological advancement, the G12 is dramatically more sensitive than cameras with identical megapixel counts, and delivers spectacular images with minimal noise. Increased sensitivity demands a higher ISO speed, and the PowerShot G12 delivers with a new maximum setting of ISO 3200. Blur and camera shake are notably reduced for the ultimate in sharpness and clarity.

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - In addition, a new Low Light mode lets you capture images in an astonishing range of conditions. The camera automatically adjusts the ISO speed from ISO 320 to ISO 12800 in relation to ambient brightness, subject movement and camera shake.

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review

Shoot 720p HD video in stereo sound and play back on an HDTV via the HDMI output
Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - The PowerShot G12 lets you record video in beautiful high definition (1280 x 720 pixels). The camera also makes it easy to enjoy HD videos (and still photos) on your HDTV with a mini-HDMI connector for direct connection to a high-definition TV monitor. You'll enjoy the HD experience with no degradation of image or audio in the signal, plus the ability to display up to 130 still images at once.

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - The PowerShot G12 also includes spectacular video functionality. When shooting video, you can get up close with the 5x Optical Zoom for riveting detail and realism, from the overall appearance to facial expressions! And the camera's Smart AUTO technology that helps ensure the perfect still image works to bring that same quality to your video.

Shooting and recording modes including RAW + JPEG
Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - The PowerShot G12's RAW mode lets you shoot images without JPEG compression. It gives you clearer images and complete creative control in editing. RAW images are transferred directly to the computer where they can then be edited using image adjustment software or a processing application to adjust your images as you please. The camera can also be set to allow the simultaneous recording of both RAW and JPEG images while shooting.

Canon's Hybrid IS compensates for angular and shift camera shake during close-up shooting
Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - The PowerShot G12 is equipped with Canon's highly advanced Hybrid IS function, which corrects camera shake from two sources to deliver sharp, blur-free images even when you zoom in close to your subject.

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - Hybrid IS employs both an angular sensor and an accelerometer, enabling it to suppress both the blur caused by the angle of the camera and the "shift blur" that happens when your subject moves parallel to the camera, a problem that is especially noticeable at large zoom factors.

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - With the ability to produce clear, steady images in all situations and at any zoom length, the PowerShot G12 is the camera you'll want to take everywhere.

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - The PowerShot G12 gives you a large 2.8-inch PureColor System LCD screen for excellent control when framing your shots. But size is only part of the story. Canon's PureColor System LCD offers spectacular color, resolution and contrast even at an angle. The screen is durable and easy to see. It is a perfect feature for gathering friends and family around to see your images.

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review

5x Optical Zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer, plus a 28mm Wide-Angle Lens
Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - The camera is equipped with a long, 5x Optical Zoom, and Canon's own Optical Image Stabilizer Technology keeps images steady and blur-free all through the zoom range--even in low light--by detecting motion and generating a corrective signal. Because it is an optical system, more corrective movement is allowed and there is no degradation of image quality.

Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - The G12 is a highly versatile camera with a wide-angle zoom lens that reaches all the way from 28mm at the wide end to 140mm at the telephoto end (35mm format equivalent). You'll capture more image in every shot, and add greater depth to your overall photography.

Optional accessories including Speedlite flashes, underwater housing and Tele-Converter Lens are available
Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - The PowerShot G12 is compatible with the Speedlite flash series intended for all EOS series SLR cameras. Attach a Speedlite flash to the hot shoe, then you can set and control the flash on the "Flash Control" menu in the camera. With a Speedlight, the G12 is given extra functions such as autoflash metering, FE lock and Flash exposure compensation; continuous shooting with external flash. Also Canon's Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 enables you to have multiple slave flashes and wireless control. A Tele-Converter lens designed for the G12, Filter Adapter FA-DC58B and WP-DC34 Waterproof Case is also available.

High Dynamic Range scene mode combines multiple shots into one picture
Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - Shooting in high contrast environments can often result in photos with overexposed and underexposed sections. So to tackle this problem, Canon developed the High Dynamic Range shooting mode to make select PowerShot cameras even more intuitive. Under High Dynamic Range* the camera will shoot three different exposures in a succession (underexposed, overexposed and normal) and then merge them into a single image. Underexposed areas are combined with the overexposed and vice versa, resulting in an evenly detailed image with flattering shadows and highlights.

What's in the Box
  •     PowerShot G12 Camera body
  •     Lithium-ion Battery Pack NB-7L
  •     Battery Charger CB-2LZ
  •     Neck Strap NS-DC9
  •     AV Cable AVC-DC400ST
  •     USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
  •     Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM

Product Description
Canon G12 10 MP Digital Camera Review - Canon's 4342B001 PowerShot G12 10MP Compact Digital Camera is ready to impress the advanced amateurs who have always celebrated the G Series. The G12 is still loaded with powerful technologies that has made the G Series cameras so renowned, like the Canon HS SYSTEM, 2.8-inch Vari-angle Pure Color System LCD, and RAW + JPEG image modes. Now, this flagship camera paves the way with these new upgrades like 720p HD Video with stereo sound to get crystal clear footage, multiple aspect ratios, High Dynamic Range, Electronic Level, Tracking AF, a Front Dial and much more to give you even more creative control than before.
Lee Min Ho meet Andy Lau in Hong Kong

Lee Min Ho meet Andy Lau in Hong Kong - Lee Min Ho, met with famous Hong Kong actor Andy Lau. The second meeting was a favorite actor is drawing a lot of public attention, both netters and the press. Understandably, the popularity of Min Ho in Hong Kong is quite high after the series that starred, "Boys Over Flowers" and "City Hunter", a successful weight there.

Lee Min Ho meet Andy Lau in Hong Kong

Lee Min Ho meet Andy Lau in Hong Kong
Lee Min Ho meet Andy Lau in Hong Kong - After two series were shot in Hong Kong, Min Ho's popularity is also increasing. Job offer was coming to him. One is the offer of cooperation from Andy is currently testing the profession as a producer.

Lee Min Ho meet Andy Lau in Hong Kong - Andy's name is legendary in the entertainment Mandarin and Asia, as well as an idol Min Ho, Park Min Young made ​​lover considers his offer. If Min Ho Andy accepted the offer of cooperation, then it will be Min Ho's first work for a global scale.

Lee Min Ho meet Andy Lau in Hong Kong

Lee Min Ho meet Andy Lau in Hong Kong - "The popularity of Lee Min Ho in China is very high. Base fans there as well as great with other famous artists," said a spokesman for the agency as Starhaus Entertainment Min Ho. "Competition is the producers to hook Min Ho for their work even more stringent."
Jo In Sung 'Back' in "Cold"

Jo In Sung 'Back' in "Cold" - Jo In Sung acting in front of the camera is always eagerly awaited fans. Once In Sung completed compulsory military run last May, various speculations about the involvement of players "Memories in Bali" (2004), it often appears. Some time ago he was rumored to be playing with Ha Ji Won in the series "The King", though later rejected it.

Jo In Sung 'Back' in "Cold" - However, from the various rumors that pops up, this 30-year-old actor reportedly accepted an offer to play in the movie "Cold". In Sung received this offer because the film was produced by her agency, Sidus HQ. In addition, he also likes the script and director are selected for this film.

Jo In Sung 'Back' in "Cold"

Jo In Sung 'Back' in "Cold"
Jo In Sung 'Back' in "Cold" - "Cold" will tell you about a deadly virus that has spread somewhere. A man and woman then worked together to find the cause of this virus and destroy it.

Jo In Sung 'Back' in "Cold"

Jo In Sung 'Back' in "Cold" - The film will be directed director Kim Sung Soo who once worked on the movie Jung Woo Sung, "The Warrior" (2001). The film is also produced by CJ Entertainment and Media is scheduled for release in 2012.
Lee Min Ho vs. Hero Jaejoong: Fight for Best Actor

Lee Min Ho vs. Hero Jaejoong: Fight for Best Actor - Lee Min Ho and Hero Jaejoong 'JYJ' be an actor that a lot of attention this year. Both of their acting in the series "City Hunter" and "Protect the Boss" is considered successfully won the hearts of viewers in 2011.

Lee Min Ho vs. Hero Jaejoong: Fight for Best Actor - Seeing this, the station SBS held a vote to choose who among them is the best show acting. Voting is open on the SBS website NeTV, some time ago. The award is contested both the handsome actor is given the title "NeTV Gorealra Awards 2011".

Lee Min Ho vs. Hero Jaejoong: Fight for Best Actor

Lee Min Ho vs. Hero Jaejoong: Fight for Best Actor
Lee Min Ho vs. Hero Jaejoong: Fight for Best Actor - In a vote that Hero was nominated for 10 romantic scenes in the serial "Protect the Boss". Meanwhile, Min Ho received nominations because the action matches the "City Hunter". Although Lee Min Ho is very popular in Korea, but apparently Hero gets the highest vote to reach 47 percent of the vote.

Lee Min Ho vs. Hero Jaejoong: Fight for Best Actor 

Lee Min Ho vs. Hero Jaejoong: Fight for Best Actor - Until now, voting is ongoing until the end of the year 2011. In addition to this award, Lee Min Ho was also nominated along with her ​​boyfriend, Park Min Young, the SBS Drama Best Couple 2011. Acting romantic both in "City Hunter" is judged to have a strong and decent chemistry won the nomination.
Russell Brand sued Katy Perry Divorce

Russell Brand sued Katy Perry Divorce - After yesterday (12/29/2011) Russell Brand seen shopping without wearing a wedding ring, now 36-year-old comedian was sued for divorce Katy Perry. Russell officially filed suit on Friday (30/12).

Russell Brand sued Katy Perry Divorce - "Sad indeed me and Katy have to end this marriage," Russell wrote in a statement release. "I've always adored her and I realized we'd better be friends."

Russell Brand sued Katy Perry Divorce

Russell Brand sued Katy Perry Divorce - In documents filed in Los Angeles is mentioned "a difference that can not be resolved" as a reason for divorce. There does not list the date of their separation.

Russell Brand sued Katy Perry Divorce - Previously, couples married for 14 months has been rumored to split up several times. Russell has also been caught on camera being intimate with another woman. Katy has also been rumored that her husband sued for divorce, but has he denies. The peak separation rumors sticking as they celebrate Christmas in a separate place.

Russell Brand sued Katy Perry Divorce

Russell Brand sued Katy Perry Divorce - Russell and Katy first met September 2009 at the MTV Video Music Awards. Then they got engaged December 31 while on vacation in India and get married in the same place in October 2010. Until now they have no children.
Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' - Angelina Jolie's directorial debut in the film "In the Land of Blood and Honey" apparently could not be separated from the support of her lover, Brad Pitt. The actress will also star in the movie "Cleopatra", admits he was the one who encouraged her to become a director.

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' - "He (Brad) who first read the script and if at that time he said something negative then the film probably would never have made," said Angelina. "I showed the manuscript to him personally. He took the manuscript to go with him to Japan and contacted me and said, 'This is not bad, even good enough'."

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'
Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' - In addition, this 36-year-old actress says Brad is also a lot to contribute when the movie was made. In addition to support, actor movie "Moneyball" is also coming to the set and help provide input in the process of making pictures.

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' - "We then talked more about the manuscript and he gave me courage during the process," adds Angelina. "He almost always comes on the set and take some photos. He is always around me and never stopped supporting me."

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey'

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' - "In the Land of Blood and Honey" tells of a love story background of the Bosnian war in 1992-1995. Narrated a Serb soldier falls in love with his captive itself that a Muslim girl from Bosnia. They are then going out like a pair of lovers in love despite the war going on then.

Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt Helped at 'In the Land of Blood and Honey' - Aside from being a director and playwright, Angelina is also one of its producers with Graham King and Tim Headington. The players who enliven the film include Zana Marjanovic, Goran Kostic and Rade Serbedzija. "In the Land of Blood and Honey" was just released this December and get nominated for Golden Globe Awards 2012 for Best Foreign Language Film category.


Jun Ji Hyun 'Boy Friend'

Jun Ji Hyun 'Boy Friend'

Jun Ji Hyun 'Boy Friend' - The fans man beautiful actress Jun Ji Hyun on the rebound. Because the actress who soared through the movie "My Sassy Girl" (2001) it was not single anymore. Ji Hyun is currently dating the middle of the grandson of the famous South Korean hanbok designer Lee Young Hee.

Jun Ji Hyun 'Boy Friend' - This news was confirmed by representatives Thursday, December 29. "As reported in the media, Jun Ji Hyun's dating. At first they were just friends before starting to be attracted to one another," explained a spokesman for the agency. "But the rumors that say they will get married it's not true, because Ji Hyun is still not planning to marry in the near future."

Jun Ji Hyun 'Boy Friend'
Jun Ji Hyun 'Boy Friend'

Meanwhile, Hee Young spokesman also confirmed that the grandson of the designer that are making love with the actress "Il Mare" (2000) is. Ji Hyun's lover known to have the surname "Choi". While his brother is rumored former idol singer who joined the group X-Large which debuted in 2001 but immediately broke up in 2002.

Jun Ji Hyun 'Boy Friend'

"Jun Ji Hyun and Choi had known each other since they were kids," said a spokesman for Young Hee. "They have been friends a long time. It is true they are dating now."

Jun Ji Hyun 'Boy Friend' - Jun Ji Hyun is one of the senior South Korean actress. The actress who debuted in 1997 it skyrocketed after starring in several films such as "Il Mare", "My Sassy Girl", "Windstruck" (2004) and "Blood: The Last Vampire" (2009). During his career, Ji Hyun once rumored to be dating with Rain as is often seen visiting the handsome actor's apartment.
Lee Si Young Childhood Photos in Script

Lee Si Young Childhood Photos in Script - Lee Si Young's childhood seems to also affect its role in the series "Wild Romance". The actress who has starred in series "Boys Over Flower" (2009) is doing interesting things relating to his childhood.

Lee Si Young Childhood Photos in Script - The Young stick a picture of herself as a boy on the cover of the manuscript "Wild Romance" hers. The reason is quite unique. She claimed the photo was helped deepen the characters in "Wild Romance".

Lee Si Young Childhood Photos in Script
Lee Si Young Childhood Photos in Script

"Yoo Eun Jae is very similar to me as a kid," said Si Young. "So I purposely put these photos to help me concentrate on the characters I play."

Lee Si Young Childhood Photos in Script

In the series he acted as Yoo Eun Jae, a judo athlete who swerved into bodyguard. The Young compete acting with Lee Dong-wook, known through the series "My Girl" (2005).

Lee Si Young Childhood Photos in Script - "Wild Romance" has started shooting since last November. Serial manuscript written by Park Yeon Soo and Kyung Soo Baek director directed it will be produced in 16 episodes. The series is planned for initial release in January 2012 and aired on KBS station.
Heechul & Kangin 'Super Junior' greet Fans in Personal Photos

Heechul & Kangin 'Super Junior' greet Fans in Personal Photos - Two personnel of Super Junior who is currently undergoing compulsory military duty, Kim Heechul and Kangin, just say hello to fans through a series of photos uploaded on the internet. The first begins with the release of photographs Heechul Dec. 27 through Twitter account Jung Mo (Trax), his colleague at SM Entertainment, followed Kangin who upload photos the next day (12/28/2011).

Heechul & Kangin 'Super Junior' greet Fans in Personal Photos - In the photo, Heechul looks posing with Mo Jung Shim Eun Kyung and actor. "I like eating with Heechul who gets time off (duty) and actor Eun Kyung. This is a restaurant kimchi and pork," tweet Mo Jung.

Heechul & Kangin 'Super Junior' greet Fans in Personal Photos
Heechul & Kangin 'Super Junior' greet Fans in Personal Photos

Meanwhile, Kangin seem narcissistic but cute posing with his military uniform. In military barracks, Kangin served as a corporal. Kangin's face more clean and handsome than the first time in the military in 2010. He also seemed more kurusan now.

Heechul & Kangin 'Super Junior' greet Fans in Personal Photos

Heechul is currently serving as clerk in the office of public service. While serving in the area Kangin Namyang, Gyeonggi-do. He is scheduled for completion by April 2012 duty.

Heechul & Kangin 'Super Junior' greet Fans in Personal Photos - Netter too many photos to comment on both. "Please comeback soon to Super Junior," commented an ELF.

Bruce Dale Hospitalized

Bruce Dale Hospitalized

Bruce Dale Hospitalized - Sad news is now up to Justin Bieber. Justin's grandparents, Dale and Diane Bruce Dale, a car accident on Tuesday (12/27/2011). As a result of the incident was the grandfather suffered injuries to his ribs.

Bruce Dale Hospitalized - According to the Ontario Police Department, then Justin's grandfather was driving in the Toronto area. Hyundai Santa Fe car was then hit a mound of ice on the road until overturned and reversed. They then rushed to the hospital Stratford, but was immediately allowed to go home.

Bruce Dale Hospitalized
Bruce Dale Hospitalized - After that Justin's mother, Pattie Mallette, write a message on his Twitter account. He asked for prayer for healing chanter grandfather "Mistletoe" it.

Bruce Dale Hospitalized

"Always pray and forgive your parents. You'll never know what happens tomorrow," wrote Justin's mother on his Twitter account. "Thank you for your prayers and your love. My father is fine if a little pain. My mother's broken finger and swelling, but he was strong as nails."

Bruce Dale Hospitalized

Until now the girlfriend Selena Gomez has not made ​​a formal statement. Even Justin's Twitter account did not discuss the incident.
Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman Retro Style in 'The Paperboy' Poster

Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman Retro Style in 'The Paperboy' Poster - Poster premiere of "The Paperboy" appears to look interesting. Recently released Millennium Films movie poster, starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman's.

Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman Retro Style in 'The Paperboy' Poster - Zac depicted in the poster retro and sitting in an old car. While at her side, Nicole Kidman Zac looked with admiration. Clothing and Finery Nicole also represents the era of the '70s that became the background of the film.

Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman Retro Style in 'The Paperboy' Poster
Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman Retro Style in 'The Paperboy' Poster

In addition to Nicole and Zac, the poster also featured Matthew McConaughey, standing behind them. While the figure of John Cusack also appeared briefly at the bottom of the poster. John looked very nasty and fierce with sharp vision.

Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman Retro Style in 'The Paperboy' Poster - "The Paperboy" is a film adaptation of Peter Dexter's novel of the same title. This film is about Jack James (Zac), aged 20 years and worked for his father's company as a newspaper delivery truck driver. He then helped his brother, James Ward (Matthew), investigate the possibility of abuse of prisoners sentenced to death accused of killing a sheriff.

Zac Efron & Nicole Kidman Retro Style in 'The Paperboy' Poster

The film was worked out director Lee Daniels, who also acted as producer. While the genre of thriller screenplay was written by Leslie Dixson. "The Paperboy" is scheduled for release in 2012.


Nearly a decade did not release an album, Blink-182 has finally released the new work as album single called "neighborhoods". After releasing the first single "Up All Night", is now launching Blink-182 music video second single, entitled "After Midnight" for the fans.

Filming conducted Nov. 30 in a hangar and hospitals in Tustin, California with director Isaac Rentz. Isaac also directed music videos before, "Up All Night".

"This song tells of a troubled love. Sick people who are in love," said Mark told MTV. "Filming the music video done in a psychiatric hospital. Teens are out of their treatment rooms and have fun."

"We want this music video is different than simply showing scenes of people partying," said Mark. "We want this video a little dark and make trouble. Isaac was able to make it happen.

"After Midnight" self-created by Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker. This song was released September 6 on BBC radio.

Bradley Cooper rumored to be dating back to Zoe Saldana. A source revealed they will spend the holiday with skiing together.

The source claimed the actor the movie "The Words" itself that conveys this news. "They really are dating," he told E! News.

Last November a spokesman denied the actress Zoe movie "Colombiana" it established the love with Bradley. Rumor courtship appears when they look to spend a romantic evening in one of the nightclubs in Manhattan.

Previously, actress film "The Heart Specialist" is never a love with Keith Britton. They have been dating for 11 years, but an end to the engagement in early November.

Bradley himself had established the story for almost two years with Renee Zellweger. Actor movie "The Place Beyond the Pines" was also once rumored to be close with Jessica Biel and Olivia Wilde.
Recently the Nichkhun mother donate some money for the flood victims of Thailand. The money donated was given when the event "Thailand Korea Friendship Festival" held on December 23 to 25. The event was initiated by the Embassy of South Korea, Thailand Ministry of Culture and Organization of the Korea-Thailand Communication Center.

During the two day festival, about 15 South Korean fan club artists like 2PM and Jang Geun-suk artists sell souvenirs to raise funds. All funds were donated to the flood victims of Thailand.

Before his mother, Nichkhun was preceded donate some money with his group, 2PM, in October. They accounted for 130 million won through the Red Cross Thailand.

2PM's Nichkhun is the personnel who came from Thailand. He is a Thai-Chinese descent, but grew up in America before starting his career with 2PM's debut in South Korea.
Tae Min SHINee and Krystal f (x) dating? Unfortunately it was only their acting in the series "High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legs". Recently photos of their romantic scenes in the series outstanding.

These photos show Tae Min and Krystal who spend time together in a date. Tae Min and Krystal managed to make his fans jealous by drinking one glass of juice, both in and bought the ring together. They even showed the couple's ring in a photograph.

But unfortunately, in the episode they were told would break up after diving romantic date. The characters Krystal (Soo Jung) who drop out prior request by SMS to Tae Min (Sang Hyun). "We do not fit together. We break it," writes Krystal.

Romantic scene was taken at last Christmas Eve. Both are close because it is in the same agency. When diving scene, they are required to actually behaving like couples who are dating. "High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legs" was produced in 120 episodes and aired from September at station MBC.
December 28, the government of North Korea hold the funeral procession of North Korean President, Kim Jong-Il, in Pyongyang, North Korea. The procession was attended by thousands of people from all walks of politicians, the military up to the general public.

Son Jong-Il's successor at the same time, Kim Jong-un, walking Limousine car carrying his father's corpse. Jong-Il's youngest son had a chance to pay their respects to the president who was nicknamed "The Dear Leader" is.

Not only Jong-un, a number of relatives and VIPs also take the corpse run. They include Jong-il's brother-in-law, Jang Song Thaek, and Defense Minister Kim Yong Chun. The presence of Jang and Yong Chun indicated that they will have an important role as Jong Un officially inherited his father's leadership.

Jong-il's body inside a coffin covered with a red flag and a sprinkling of white flowers, just the process of his father's funeral in 1994. At the funeral, the North seemed hysterical when the president who has served for 17 years was brought to a final resting Kumsusan Memorial Palace at a distance of 40 km. Snowfall in the area of ​​Pyongyang when the procession became a sign that nature is also mourning the death of Jong-Il.

"We have completed the parade as a farewell to our great leader who is respected," said squad leader who led the funeral honors. The ceremony ended with a shot into the air 21 times.

The series of funeral Jong-Il continues today, Thursday (29 September). There will be an opportunity for North Koreans to pay their respects to the deceased official. As a form of respect, residents ordered to silence for three minutes, accompanied by artillery fire and the train siren.

President Jong-Il at the age of 69 years died of a heart attack on 17 December. He breathed his last while on the train.


CL 2NE1 on 'Newsday' BBC

December 16, 2NE1 appear on the show "Newsday" belonging to one of British TV station, BBC. The ability of CL to chat with the English language fluently and making many fans praised netter.

In this event, CL talk about their victory last November on MTV Iggy as "Best Newcomer Band in the World". She also talked about the popularity of K-Pop music all over the world lately.

"We are very proud and honored to perform at a concert attended by many famous musicians (on MTV)," said CL with fluent English. "It's because music has no language. The music is connected with the culture. It is heartening for us to perform represent the K-Pop."

In a brief interview lasted three minutes, the CL also expressed hope for a girlband who represents the women of Asia. "I hope we can represent the women of Asia. Music is the reason for our success," she continued.

Kobe Bryant 'Divorce'

Kobe Bryant split with his wife, Vanessa Bryant. Kobe's wife for 10 years filed for divorce to trial first and was followed by Kobe.

"They (Kobe and Vanessa) has completed all the problems associated with divorce in private." said a spokesman for Kobe and Vanessa, Friday (16/12). "They are assisted by a consultant. The decision of this case will begin in 2012. Kobe and Vanessa asks people to respect their privacy."

In the divorce filing documents, revealed that Vanessa asks for full custody of their children, Natalia (8) and Gianna (5). Meanwhile, Kobe only gets visitation rights. Vanessa also requested that Kobe's wife to pay benefits.

Kobe met Vanessa in 1999 in making music videos. At that time 18 year old Vanessa Laine. They later married in 2001. They were blessed with Natalia Diamante Bryant and Gianna Maria-Onore Bryan.

Household rift between Kobe and Vanessa have been uncovered eight years ago. At that time, Kobe accused of sexual harassment at the hotel employee in Colorado. Widely circulating rumors that the NBA players of the LA club. The Lakers had been having an affair with his own aides.
On December 17, Ryeowook upload a video titled "Ryeowook getting hit hahahahaha" on his Twitter (@ ryeong9). This video makes fans stunned. Because the personnel Super Junior's got a hard slap from an unknown girl.

Before landing Ryeowook slap to the face, the girl's first count, "one .. two .. three". After a hard slap Ryeowook, she even laughed happily and said, "How, how?"

But it certainly is not a real slap. I wonder what the purpose Ryeowook upload the video, but this video clearly many intriguing of the ELF.

"Does it hurt?" comment of a netter. "OMG is it real or is just pretending to be?" Another netter comment.
Get ready to see a different figure for the leading lady "Full House 2". If Han Ji Eun played by Song Hye Kyo in "Full House" (2004) looks feminine with long hair style and a bit choppy, then another case with Hwang Jung Eum. Starring Jang Man Ok in the serial "Full House 2" will choose a new hairstyle that could be considered a bit extreme.

Recently published a photo of Jung Eum style his hair a la Beethoven. In the photo, Jung Eum appears cropped hair shorter and made ​​curly. Many fans who comment on the hair, but most like and can not wait to see the "Full House 2".

"Your hair is so cute! Is this going to be Beethoven's hair trends in 2012?" said one fan. "I can not wait to see it in 'Full House 2'."

"Full House 2" itself will present a different love story with "Full House". The series tells the story of poor writers love, Jang Man Ok (Hwang Jung Eum), and top stars, Lee Tae Ik (No Min-woo). Although different, the series will remain focused on the story of a false marriage between superstar and the author.

The series will be aired in Japan through the station TBS, March 2012. Who had a successful series starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo was written manuscript by Park Yeon Sook. In addition to Jung Eum and Min-woo, "Full House 2" also starring Park Woong Ki and Yoo Seol Ah.
Ad Song Hye Kyo's latest smartphone has just been released. At the output of China's mobile advertising, Hye Kyo looks very pretty and sexy. Some of the scenes photos on this ad many reported by Chinese media. They praised the beauty of Hye Kyo is like a goddess while performing his duties as the product commercials.

Filming was done ad smartphone in Taiwan last month. Netter and fans will not cease to give praise to this ex-lover Hyun Bin.

Meanwhile, Hye Kyo is rumored to be starring in the latest movie director John Woo's "Life and Death". Previous title of this film is "1949" and never mentioned Hye Kyo while attending the Cannes International Film Festival in France in 2008. But along with the time, this production process was canceled.

Three years later, the film project was revived by Hye Kyo, John Woo and producer Terence Chang veteran. Later, Hye Kyo will act totally use the Chinese language in this movie.


Ku Hye Sun shows a figure of him in the trailer premiere series "Take Care of Us, Captain". If Hye Sun plays as nan naive innocent girl in "Boys Over Flower" (2009), now he showed his acting skills are more serious.

Narrated in the trailer, Da Han Jin (Hye Sun) is the only female pilot in which he worked. As a woman who worked among the men, Da Jin initially underestimated. But gradually he tried to prove his ability as a professional pilot.

At the airport, the Da partnered with Kim Yoon Jin Sung (Ji Jin-Hee "Dong Yi") which is a senior pilot. They are also often different opinions, but because it is often with the seeds of love appears in between.

The series is also played by Lee Chun Hee ("Gloria" -2010). "Take Care of Us, Captain" directed film director Joo Dong Min and scheduled to air in January 2012 at the station SBS.
Westlife recently regretted her decision for not choosing the right song. Because the song "Lighthouse" which they choose as the flagship song album "Greatest Hits" was not as successful as one might imagine.

"Lighthouse" which was released last November is the song's creation of their colleagues, Gary Barlow. The song was only able to reach the position-32 in the UK music charts, but it's the only song they release and does not make the Top 10.

In addition to regret choosing the song "Lighthouse" as a flagship song, the group will disband next year it also sorry not to choose their own song creations personnel Westlife, Mark Feehily. As you know, Mark wrote a song called "Beautiful World".

"It's disappointing because we had never been in such a sequence chart (below)," said Nicky Byrne. "Our fans have also bought tickets for the concert in May next year."

"The song 'Beautiful World' which was created by Mark definitely better," said Nicky furious. "But somehow we will disband. Is that song go number 1 or 100, it made no difference for us for six months."
Ryan Gosling is one of Hollywood actors on the rise today. Apparently, Selena Gomez also idolizes actor movie "The Ides of March" is. In an interview with The Hollywood Life, Justin's girlfriend claimed to want to be Ryan's main opponent someday.

At that time, David Henrie, co-star in the series "Wizards of Waverly Place" admitted Ryan really wanted to act together. Selena suddenly take a similar comment.

"I also wanted to act with him!" Selena said then laughed. "But working together for different reasons."

Currently, Selena was busy in the process of filming a few movies. One is the "Spring Breakers" where she would be acting with Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Roberts became a student of punk.
As a girlband with a considerable number of personnel, 9 people, Girls' Generation have to accept the fact if they can not receive an honorarium as a whole because it remains to be divided equally. While appearing on the show KBS "Happy Together", December 15, Kwon Yuri reveal how the distribution of honors at the body of Girls' Generation.

Yuri does not appear that day alone, he was accompanied by Seohyun, Tae Yeon and Sooyoung. When asked MC Park Myung Soo how to divide their fees, Yuri carefully replied, "If you look at the event, our fee is divided into nine."

MC then asked again, "There must be a higher revenue. Who is the most revenue?". Once again Yuri replied cautiously, "Not that personnel must have the most starred in ads?". MC answers directly Yuri jokingly replied, "It seems people will compute your income after the event is over."

In this event, Tae Yeon also pleaded not attracted to debut as a soloist. "I do not want to do (solo). I do not feel too overwhelmed on stage thanks to the appearance of my friends," said Tae Yeon. "They cover the flaws, they are very nice patch up weaknesses. I'm more suited performing as a group."
Recent photographs of the serial genre romantic comedy, "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" outstanding. The series of photos showed the work done Ji Chang Wook vegetables to become a successful entrepreneur.

Interestingly, some of the photos show the scene when Chang-wook must be bare-chested in public places. Funnily enough, the actor series "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" was mobbed by local moms. But rather than fear, Chang Wook smiling happily even in that scene.

The series tells about a young greengrocer, Lee Young-seok, who wants to be successful. Because of his persistence he managed to become one of the prominent young businessman in Korea. Series itself inspired by the life story of Young Seok who managed to build a vegetable store into a large franchise network in the country.

A number of stars involved starring in "Bachelor's Vegetable Store", which Wang Ji Hye ("Personal Taste" -2010), Kim Young Kwang ("My Fair Lady" -2009), Lee Kwang Soo ("City Hunter" -2011) and Park Soo Jin ("My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho"). Serial directed by Lee Joon Hyeong will be premiered the end of December this year at the station Channel A.
Starring John Haufman in the movie "The Flowers of War", Christian Bale, was attacked by security guards in China while trying to visit a blind activist Chen Guangcheng. When visiting, Christian along with the CNN crew received rough treatment from the Chinese guards there.

While expelled, Christian even CNN had a camera crew and forced entry. The angry guards finally took the camera.

"I actually did not dare do this," said 37-year-old actor, Thursday, December 15. "Local people have the power. They're going to beat anyone who dared to visit the Chen family. I just wanted to show my support to the Chen family."
Although both are always caught on camera at every opportunity, but this Christmas Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez just parted. Both claimed to be celebrating Christmas in their own homes with family.

"My wish for this Christmas is just spending time with family, that's all," said Justin who will return home to Canada at Christmas. "Last year at Christmas, I got my grandfather's car and it was very special."

It is also spoken by his girlfriend Selena Gomez. Actress movie "The Muppets" is admitted can not wait to visit family in Texas at Christmas.

"I can not wait to go back home to see my family and everyone that I love," said Selena. "I'm going to spend time with family in Texas, then they will come with me to New York on New Year's to see me perform."

Selena will indeed be performing with other stars in the MTV New Year's Eve New Year. In that event she will be duet with his best friend, Demi Lovato. In addition, this special event will also be attended by Justin, where they will meet for the first time during Christmas and New Year holidays.
Friday, December 16, Choi Siwon upload a recent photo on his Twitter account. From the photo, Siwon looks holding a sapphire blue balloons to support both his stage debut in Super Junior, Lee Donghae and Eunhyuk. While behind him there are some fans who participated photos together.

"Donghae and Eunhyuk was shooting footage musical event!" Siwon tweet. "I am an ELF today! Everything, oppa is here!"

Photo Siwon is also much commented upon by Netter. "Where can I find this one ELF (Siwon)?" comment of a netter. "I also want to support EunHae stage action," wrote another netter.

The day was Donghae and Eunhyuk's first appearance on stage KBS "Music Bank". They promote the new single as a duo, titled "Oppa, Oppa".
Happy news came from the Princess of Pop, Britney Spears. Britney has just spoken for by her boyfriend, Jason Trawick, coinciding with the anniversary of the handsome man, Friday, December 16.

To celebrate their engagement, Britney and Jason held a ceremony at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, along with family and friends. This party is also to celebrate the anniversary of Jason's 40th year.

"Still excited! Will to Planet Hollywood in Vegas," tweet Britney, Saturday, December 17. "Celebrating the anniversary of Jason's at the Chateau Night Club. So fun. Xxoo."


Have the same physical limitations it brought a goat named Albie with his employer, Jenny Brown. Although the director and originator of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, New York City, it only has one leg the original, but he hoped that Albie who only has three legs can get a new prosthesis.

"Losing my leg did not stop me so my animal can get the best life," Jenny said that her legs were amputated because of cancer since the age of 10 years. "Bones goat is very different from animals because they have a nail. The shape makes them like to wear shoes with high heels."

Five-year-old white goat's leg was amputated four years ago after accommodated at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Albie amputated because of severe infections.

"The wound is painful, I can guarantee it," says Jenny about the suffering of Albie. "But Albie is a good patient."

The first prosthetic obtained Albie, six months after he had lived on the farm Jenny. Now, Jenny plans to bring Albie to the University of Pennsylvania to get his new leg. Although costly, Jenny remains committed to Albie could walk on four legs.
Acting with actors and actresses who have married apparently made Hye Sun Ku inspired. The actress known for her role as Geum Jan Di in "Boys Over Flower" (2009) was admitted to feeling jealous of his colleagues in the series "Take Care of Us, Captain".

"I'm jealous, I think they are all very wonderful," said Hye Sun laughing. "There are many actors and actresses who are married here and I so want to get married too. But unfortunately I have not had a girlfriend."

Hye Sun also praised acting colleagues, including co-star, Ji Jin Hee ("Dong Yi" -2010). 27-year-old actress also admitted his role in the series really enjoy it.

"We took a scene with a small plane in the air and I felt like being born again when flying," said Hye Sun tells the scene as a pilot. "We spent up to 2 hours in the air and I felt very brave at the time."

"Take Care of Us, Captain" is the genre of romantic comedy drama series which tells the love story between the pilots. Hye Sun will act as co-pilot a woman named Han Jin Da. She was then involved a love triangle with senior pilots, played by Ji Jin Hee and Lee Chun Hee ("Gloria" -2010).

The series is directed by Joo Dong Min. Image-making process itself is done in two countries, South Korea and Australia. The plan, "Take Care of Us, Captain" will premiere in January 2012 at the station SBS.
South Korean actor, Lee Min Ho, has just completed filming footage for the closing event in 2011 in China. The event was broadcast by one of cable TV in China has prepared a special episode of Min Ho. If the event typically lasts 60 minutes and featuring three artists, so this time they extend up to 90 minutes with only one guest star, Min Ho.

Min Ho's arrival in the studio making Minoz (called Min Ho fans) invaded China in the hope of filming locations could see the face of the idol. Unfortunately only 1,500 lucky fans were allowed into the studio. Meanwhile, many thousands of other fans waiting around the set and continued to show support to Min Ho.

In the studio, the actor "City Hunter" (2011) gives a gift to MC a New Year greeting card shaped hanbok (traditional Korean dress). The card was given a year-end message and affixed his signature. In addition, Min Ho also for-for souvenirs to all the spectators in attendance.

So many who want to follow the filming of this event, had circulated the news that the TV service to sell tickets through brokers with a high enough price. But this news was denied by a spokesman for the TV station and told fans not being charged if you want to come to this event.
Angelina Jolie's first film debut as a director, "In the Land of Blood and Honey", again a problem. After some time ago the film was accused of plagiarism by a reporter Krosia, now turn to Bosnia. The Bosnian Serbian Association of Camp Prisoners do not feel accepted by Serbian soldiers character portrayal in the movie.

Branislav Djukic, chairman of the association, alleged lover Brad Pitt is lying in the story of the film. He did not accept Serb soldiers in the film is told as a rapist and torturer. Branislav also wanted the film was withdrawn circulation. However, until now there has been no response from Angelina about this party.

"In the Land of Blood and Honey" itself has also been banned from filming in Bosnia by the government of that country. However, they then allow the actress movie "Cleopatra" is to take some important scenes in the country.

This film tells about a love story background on the 1992-1995 Bosnian war. Narrated a Serb soldier falls in love with his captive itself that a Muslim girl from Bosnia. "In the Land of Blood and Honey" starring Zana Marjanovic, Goran Kostic and Rade Serbedzija, and will be released end of December this year.

MotoGP 2012 Schedule

Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) has revised calendar for the MotoGP event as 2012. The most visible changes up the series premiere date.

Previously, the race series premiere is scheduled to be held April 15. For this new schedule, the inaugural race will take place at the Losail Circuit, Doha, Gatar, will be held April 8.

Other changes, Jerez Circuit, Spain, has certainly become one of the venue for the Moto GP 2012. While the Sachsenring race track also will be in Germany after previously rumored to not be able to provide funding organizing. However, the circuit is also still a subject to the contract (STC) because there has been no finalization of the contract. 

Here's the MotoGP 2012 Schedule:
  •      April 8 - Losail International Circuit, Qatar
  •      April 29 - Jerez Circuit, Spain
  •      May 6 - Circuit Estoril, Portugal (STC status)
  •      May 20 - Circuit Le Mans, France
  •      June 3 - Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
  •      June 17 - Circuit Silverstone, Great Britain
  •      June 30 - Circuit Assen, Netherlands
  •      July 8 - Circuit Sachsenring, Germany
  •      July 15 - Mugello Circuit, Italy
  •      July 29 - Circuit Laguna Seca, United States
  •      August 19 - Circuit Indianapolis, Indianapolis
  •      August 26 - Brno Circuit, Czech Republic
  •      September16 - Circuit Misano, San Marino
  •      September 30 - Circuit Motorland Aragon, Alcaniz, Spain
  •      October 14 - Motegi Circuit, Japan
  •      October 21 - Circuit Sepang, Malaysia
  •      October 28 - Circuit Phillip Island, Australia
  •      November 11 - Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia
While he was getting old, but it does not necessarily preclude Tom Cruise to remain in action in the action film genre. Towards the age of 50 years almost stepped on, Tom was not to stop starring in action movies after "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol".

"I will continue to do so, while I was still able to play," said the husband is Katie Holmes. "I really like action movies."

The actor who also starred in "Rock of Ages" has revealed that one day maybe he will stop. But for now he did not think would do it.

"I do not know, maybe one day I'll stop, but we'll see," added Tom. "When 50 years old are stepping surely you actually have to play a good film, is not it?"

Currently, Tom is busy promoting "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol". He was also involved in the production of several movies recently. Besides being a rocker in "Rock of Ages", Tom will also be starring in "One Shot" and "Horizons" which will be released later in 2013.
Ridiculous story just came out of the mouth of Super Junior's Shindong. When the show on SBS, "Strong Heart", 13 December, Shindong admitted he was about to debut with a name that is quite strange, "Udon". Own Udon noodle soup is the name of a typical Japanese food.

"CEO Lee Soo Man said I had a funny face, so I was given the name 'Udon' as the name panggungku," Shindong said that laughter greeted the audience. "I protested and told him that the name was too much, so I suggested 'Dongchoon'."

"I also said that since my real name is Dong Hee Shin, hence the name 'Hee' thrown away so that it becomes 'Shindong'," added Shindong. "But he (Lee Soo Man) saying it was too plain and should be changed to 'Shin-don' (in Korean, 'don' meaning money)."

Shindong also said her boss did have a habit of looking for a unique name for the group orbitannya. Some other guest star almost did not believe the words of Shindong, but they've convinced the TRAX Super Junior and other personnel in attendance at the show come to justify speech Shindong.

"CEO Lee Soo Man said we need a unique name so that demand in this industry," Shindong story. "The nature of stubbornness that made us successful senior named as HOT Kangta (Kangta means 'goal')". Jungmo, TRAX personnel also added, "I remember one day U-Know Yunho (TVXQ) came to me and said, 'Our group will be named Dong Bang Shin Gi (which means' The Rising Gods of the East '). What can I do?' . "
Once the video is a bad comment on behalf of Justin Timberlake are circulating on the internet, now sister Jessica Biel, Justin Biel, appears to clarify. Justin wrote on his official Facebook account and said everything he says in the video was just a joke only.

"For all of you who still do not know and did not realize it. These are just a joke only," writes Justin. "Hahaha. Got you."

However clarification is different from Justin's explanation beverage company spokesman Tequila 901. According to the spokesman, the video is not a joke but an important part of the marketing campaign released a product without the permission of their companies.

As you know, December 14 and then suddenly the video appeared to show Justin's girlfriend was nagging and blaming his brother. According to him, the failure of the sale of drink in their company due to mistake the singer of "Cry Me a River" is. He also said that Justin had sabotaged the company by refusing to promote the drink.

"I've been waiting (Timberlake) to do something with this brand, like make a song, video, or pictures together," Justin said in the video. "I do not care. Do something because we're dying here."
Madonna ready to return to the recording studio. After a career of five years without a new album, now the diva has found a "new house", Interscope.

Madonna has just signed a contract to produce three new albums at the same time with the music labels Universal Music Group subsidiary is. Reportedly, Madonna's contract with Interscope value for a new album valued at about $ 1 million.

Madonna out of the Warner Music Group in 2007. After that, the singer of "Frozen" joined the Live Nation concert tour of the handling and sale of his merchandise. Cooperation with Live Nation will continue to run even though he had joined with Interscope.

"It's just maintaining relevance so that Madonna can hold a concert tour," said a source. "She's still making new songs, but this new album scheduled for release next year."

Besides Madonna, known oversees Interscope names of other famous singers. Ranging from 50 Cent, P. Diddy and Lady Gaga.


For a Matt Damon who appeared heroic in the film "The Bourne Ultimatum" was in real life is not like that. His co-star in the film "We Bought a Zoo", Scarlett Johansson, who leaked the secret that he cried like a baby when I saw a few snakes on the set.

"He was pretty scared," said ex-wife Ryan Reynolds was on People magazine. "He was really sweaty and his eyes seemed to water down the sweat that too. I said 'Matt, the kids were playing with the snake. A little courage yourself'."

41-year-old actor does not deny his fears. Matt also admitted that he became a victim of ignorance Scarlett and the other players.

"I'm afraid of snakes." said the actor who provided the voice for "Happy Feet Two" of this. "I to Scarlett and the kids. They told me to play with the snake."
Leonardo DiCaprio and intimate photos Carey Mulligan outstanding. However, intimacy is related to their roles as lovers in the film "The Great Gatsby". Recently Warner Bros.. Pictures are publishing a series of photographs the scene in the drama genre film.

The photo shows the scene of Leonardo Carey affectionately hugged to her chest. In addition, there are also scenes photos Tobey Maguire who watch a show with them.

Some time ago, Carey also told there will be a scene he and Leonardo danced in the movie. However, when the actor film "Inception" that claim could not dance at Carey.

"He said could not dance when we should be diving scene," Carey said. "And I know he could actually watch it because it never danced in the movie 'Titanic'."

"The Great Gatsby" tells about Nick Carraway (Tobey) Yale University graduate who began to learn the bond business and lives next to the big house owned by a mysterious man named Jay Gatsby (Leonardo). Because of frequent meeting, Jay then had an affair with Nick's sister, Daisy (Carey). The affair was then trigger a series of events that makes Jay was killed.

Other stars who enliven this film, among others, Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan) and Isla Fisher (Myrtle Wilson). "The Great Gatsby" is a film adaptation of the same titled novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1925. Film director Baz Luhrmann is scheduled for release in 2013.
Google has set up a virtual assistant with the intent to compete with the voice feature in the iPhone 4S Siri. Tuesday, December 13, Google has acquired Clever Sense, a leading virtual assistant named Alfred.

Although not yet able to talk like Siri, Alfred applications capable of doing a search through the internet. In addition, this application provides recommendations for the location of restaurants, bars, clubs and coffee shops and other places that are needed by users.

"We made Alfred to create a simple, enjoyable and useful to find a new place and help make decisions when they want to travel," said co-founder and CEO CleverSense. "It was interesting watching our passion turn into applications that are used regularly by people around the world for the sake of making the right decisions for them."

Alfred armed with a search system called "Serendipity". Later the system will learn the user interests based on interactions in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Currently, the application of this Alfred has been available on the App Store and Android Market.
Mariah Carey's latest Christmas video entitled "When Christmas Comes" was officially released December 11 last. This song is sung romantically with John Legend.

At the beginning of the video, viewers were treated to scenes of animated cartoon "A Charlie Brown Christmas". The scene then moves to Mariah who sing and play piano with John. At the end of the video, Mariah and John surrounded by family and their friends, drinking wine and partying. All scenes are in full swing it illustrates how the Christmas party this year.

This song was Mariah Christmas album released last year, "Merry Christmas II You". Reportedly, Mariah will sing this song the first time live at the final show "The X Factor" (U.S.), 22 December.

Onew SHINee like 'Cook'

Besides singing, one of the personnel SHINee, Onew, apparently also have other hidden talents. This was disclosed two companions, Taemin and Key, SHINee attended the press conference during the launch of their travel essay book, "Children of the Sun". The event was held at M Pub, 5th floor Times Square, Yeongdeungpo, Seoul, Tuesday, December 13.

Taemin and Key admitted surprise when they know Onew good cook. Yet during this affair cooking in the dorm Were Left to Key.

"I've lived long with them, but I found a new side of Onew" Taemin said. "We're visiting someone who lives in Barcelona and eating foods that are named Palle. Onew help them cook, and since then I realized that she was smart cooking in the kitchen."

"I was also surprised to see the cooking time," added Key. "I was surprised again with a delicious flavor, because I chew rice immature."
This includes one lucky teenager. High popularity in the world makes it easy to meet with anyone. Having had the opportunity to sing in front of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is now re-infestation Justin Bieber goddess fortuna. Selena Gomez lover has just had the opportunity to meet with world soccer star, Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres.

While visiting the headquarters of the club Chelsea at Stamford Bridge football stadium, Justin was allowed to play a round ball skill performance in front of three senior players, namely Fernando, Frank and Reggie Yates. All three players made ​​it a reliable ball amazed by the talent Justin in controlling the ball.

17-year-old singer was admitted fan of football. Earlier this year Justin had visited the headquarters of Barcelona when they go to Spain. After the meeting with the football star, Justin spent time with partying in a luxury VIP club in London.
Having previously used to win, Manchester City finally tasted defeat as well. This is where they tested a winning mentality, whether able to get up or even getting worse.

Earlier this week, the City felt the first defeat in the Premier League. Chelsea's 1-2 defeat at the headquarters of a record 14 matches unbeaten throughout unbroken.

The disappointment felt by the entire retainer of The Citizens. But, they wanted to forget it and determined to rise quickly.

"You do not indicate how good or strong your team at the moments where you win every game," said the captain City, Vincent Kompany, told Sky Sports News.

"After the defeat, it is important for you to show that you are still a team and you are ready for the next game," he added.

City's determination to return to victory lane will face the test which is not easy. This weekend, troops Roberto Mancini will be visited by a team that was ranked fifth on fire, Arsenal.

"Everyone is excited for the match against Arsenal and that's what we want now, playing football again on Sunday," said Kompany.

"That's the main thing for us - everyone is ready for the next game," said the Belgian international defender is.

Justin Bieber 'Violating'

Again Justin Bieber have dismissed the police while driving a luxury car. Wednesday, December 14, Justin LAPD officer was caught while crossing the street in Los Angeles with the "Bat Mobile" him, Cadillac CTS-V color black.

This 17-year-old singer almost got pulled over by police. The reason, he veered to the left of the middle lane while traffic is still moving.

But the day was the lucky singer of "Baby" is, because the police did not violate. He just got a warning from the police and walked free again after that.

This is not the first time Justin violate traffic regulations. Late last October, Justin also had dismissed the police because his motorcade interfere with traffic.


Girl band from South Korea, Wind Hold Venus, has just signed a contract for the Five Star brand clothing ads. Special, contract value was quite astonishing, which is worth 7 million yen which is equivalent to 100 million won.

According to their agency, Plus 9 Entertainment, the company Mizuya International Wind was the one who signed the Hold Venus. They lined up to promote the latest collection of clothes production.

Wind Hold Venus apparently attracted the attention of the Japanese public for the first time after appearing on the Japanese edition of Rolling Stones last October. When they introduce themselves as a group of South Korea's first girl band.

Amid the onslaught of girlband and boyband South Korea, the presence of Venus Wind Hold this feels like a breath of fresh air for the citizens of Japan. When a model barefoot in Nagoya Collection, the band fronted by four personnel is also a lot like the Japanese.

"There are many plans to Hold Wind Venus in Japan. They plan to enter the business world such as clothing or glasses," said representative Mizuya. "They are very unique and different from other female groups. They have the talent and unlimited potential."

The statement was echoed by representatives of their agency. "They'll be more active in Japan and started by starring in this commercial," said representatives Plus 9 Entertainment.
Just like Sun Ye, Wonder Girls Sohee apparently also keeps a grim story of the past. Childhood experiences were told when appearing on the show KBS, "National Talk Show Hello", which aired Monday, December 12.

According Sohee, his past goes flat. When a teenager, she often felt lonely. Sohee was forced to open the old story again for sharing the story with a special guest on the show. She is a girl who was frustrated because his father was a TV addict.

"My parents both worked when I was a teenager," said Sohee. "So even though I want to go somewhere with them or do something with them, I always can not."

Sohee then provide advice to the girl so she was excited with life. She also hoped she could recover from the "disease" of addiction to TV. "I hope your daughter can have more memories with her parents," Sohee message.
Had claimed to envy with Adele, Chris Martin is now back to feel inferior to other world famous singer, Lady GaGa. Last November, the band Coldplay's frontman is met directly with Mother Monster in the musical "Children In Need Rocks" in Manchester.

From that meeting Chris immediately felt inferior to the singer of "Born This Way" is. According to him, GAGA could easily write good songs in a short time.

"She's very sweet. The most striking was his talent and she could write any songs," says Chris. "I really admire the hat, stage costumes, madness and everything, because I know underneath it all she could beat me in terms of songwriting."

Coldplay is currently busy planning a gig and her world concert tour. I was so busy, Chris claimed not to prepare ourselves for Christmas. "I do not even think about Christmas, but less than two weeks," added Chris.
Jung Il Woo fans seem to want to indulge. Serial which he starred, "Boy Ramyun Flower Shop's", the current will enter the final episode and Il Woo wanted to celebrate that moment with his fans. The actor who has starred in "My Fair Lady" (2009) held a watching the show with the last episode of series romantic comedy genre.

Interestingly, Il Woo accidentally rented the theater for the event to be held December 20 is. Il Woo admitted he did this to thank to the support of the fans as long as he starred in the series. Popularity Il Woo is currently being bounced make 500 tickets sold out instantly just two minutes after sales opened online.

"Even after the sale offline, many fans who still want to buy these tickets," said the manager of the show. "We had no choice but to close the locket."

"Ramyun Flower Shop Boy's" own romantic tale tells of a place in a stall ramyun. The stall owner was a high school student who is still young. But he has a handsome employees in managing it. The love story rolled between them.

Besides Il Woo series also stars Lee Chung Ah ("Temptation of Wolves" -2004) and Lee Ki Woo ("A Love to Kill" -2005). Serial which is always achieve this high rating Jung Jung Hwa director directed the successful work on the "Full House" (2004) and "Coffee House" (2010). "Ramyun Flower Shop Boy's" aired on the station TVN in 16 episodes.
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds getting intimate. After dating spotted together in Utah, now that they went together in New York.

In the city was nicknamed the Big Apple, Blake and Ryan seemed to make a pact with her ​​older brother Blake, Robyn Lively, and her husband, Bart Johnson. They ate together at the Stanton Social.

According to eyewitnesses, Blake and Ryan still looked in love. In addition to kissing, they are also used to joke. They all spent about 2.5 hours there. After that Robyn and Bart leave first, followed by Blake and Ryan.

The day was apparently not the only Blake and Ryan who eat there. Some artists also appear to visit the diner. %% Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles took dinner there after attending a concert attributes of Michael Jackson, "The Immortal World Tour", at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.
50 Cent seems to think that Lindsay Lohan is not much better than strippers. The singer's real name is Curtis James Jackson III sarcastic Lindsay amount of money received for posing nude in Playboy magazine issue of January / February.

"If you paid $ 1 million to pose nude, it's just as strippers every day. Even if you are paid millions of dollars if it will change your status?" said the singer was black. "Does that not sound the same even if you're a celebrity and get paid millions of dollars? Or is it different from socially? Is it so different because the amount of money?"

Until now 50 Cent is claimed to have seen photos of the actress who plays the movie "I Know Who Killed Me" is. In the adult magazine cover Lindsay's private parts covered only by a seat-shaped head Playboy rabbit mascot.

"I have not seen it." 50 Cent said when met at the backstage show "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute". "But I always imagined how the shape of Lindsay's private area. I'll make sure tomorrow and see what happens."
Tom Cruise shows other action than others this time. If he climbed the tallest building in the world for the film "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol", so now he is acting style rockers on stage. Warner Bros.. Pictures just released the trailer premiere of "Rock of Ages" in which Tom's role as rock star named Stacee Jaxx in the movie.

Narrated in the early trailers, rocker Stacee is revered in the era of 1987. All young people idolize, not least Constance Sack (Malin Akerman). Constance is one of Stacee fan who had come to Los Angeles for the star idol.

Constance then was willing to become a stripper to be close to Stacee. However, not everyone likes the action ngerock Stacee. Mothers local church associations, led by Patricia Whitmore (Catherine Zeta-Jones) trying to stop the action Stacee considered decadent youth.

"Rock of Ages" director Adam Shankman directed and produced by a number of people including Tobey Maguire. This musical genre film script written by a lover Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux. The film also starring Alec Baldwin, Mary J. Blige, Julianne Hough and Russell Brand is scheduled to release in June 2012.
Beyond its status as a top Hallyu star, cute actor Jang Geun-suk was subdued by the beauty Yoona of Girls' Generation. As is known, is currently starring in the series both were the same, "Love Rain".

When appearing at a press conference series in the area of ​​Daegu, Tuesday, December 13, Geun-suk claimed that he was one of the men Yoona fans. Geun-suk said that even if she is Sone (as fans of Girls' Generation) and is registered in their fan club.

To show his concern to Yoona, serial actor "She's Beautiful" (2009) is routinely put a cup of coffee in the car Yoona. The goal, to help Yoona wake up because she knew how crowded work schedule pretty girl.

"I always put a cup of coffee in his car every morning to wake him," said Geun-suk. "I could be trusted to work as a member of the Sone."

"Usually the fans will give me lots of healthy foods," added Geun-suk. "I think Yoona fans have a lot of men and teenagers as well."