Nearly a decade did not release an album, Blink-182 has finally released the new work as album single called "neighborhoods". After releasing the first single "Up All Night", is now launching Blink-182 music video second single, entitled "After Midnight" for the fans.

Filming conducted Nov. 30 in a hangar and hospitals in Tustin, California with director Isaac Rentz. Isaac also directed music videos before, "Up All Night".

"This song tells of a troubled love. Sick people who are in love," said Mark told MTV. "Filming the music video done in a psychiatric hospital. Teens are out of their treatment rooms and have fun."

"We want this music video is different than simply showing scenes of people partying," said Mark. "We want this video a little dark and make trouble. Isaac was able to make it happen.

"After Midnight" self-created by Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker. This song was released September 6 on BBC radio.


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