Acting with actors and actresses who have married apparently made Hye Sun Ku inspired. The actress known for her role as Geum Jan Di in "Boys Over Flower" (2009) was admitted to feeling jealous of his colleagues in the series "Take Care of Us, Captain".

"I'm jealous, I think they are all very wonderful," said Hye Sun laughing. "There are many actors and actresses who are married here and I so want to get married too. But unfortunately I have not had a girlfriend."

Hye Sun also praised acting colleagues, including co-star, Ji Jin Hee ("Dong Yi" -2010). 27-year-old actress also admitted his role in the series really enjoy it.

"We took a scene with a small plane in the air and I felt like being born again when flying," said Hye Sun tells the scene as a pilot. "We spent up to 2 hours in the air and I felt very brave at the time."

"Take Care of Us, Captain" is the genre of romantic comedy drama series which tells the love story between the pilots. Hye Sun will act as co-pilot a woman named Han Jin Da. She was then involved a love triangle with senior pilots, played by Ji Jin Hee and Lee Chun Hee ("Gloria" -2010).

The series is directed by Joo Dong Min. Image-making process itself is done in two countries, South Korea and Australia. The plan, "Take Care of Us, Captain" will premiere in January 2012 at the station SBS.


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