Have the same physical limitations it brought a goat named Albie with his employer, Jenny Brown. Although the director and originator of Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, New York City, it only has one leg the original, but he hoped that Albie who only has three legs can get a new prosthesis.

"Losing my leg did not stop me so my animal can get the best life," Jenny said that her legs were amputated because of cancer since the age of 10 years. "Bones goat is very different from animals because they have a nail. The shape makes them like to wear shoes with high heels."

Five-year-old white goat's leg was amputated four years ago after accommodated at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Albie amputated because of severe infections.

"The wound is painful, I can guarantee it," says Jenny about the suffering of Albie. "But Albie is a good patient."

The first prosthetic obtained Albie, six months after he had lived on the farm Jenny. Now, Jenny plans to bring Albie to the University of Pennsylvania to get his new leg. Although costly, Jenny remains committed to Albie could walk on four legs.


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