South Korean actor, Lee Min Ho, has just completed filming footage for the closing event in 2011 in China. The event was broadcast by one of cable TV in China has prepared a special episode of Min Ho. If the event typically lasts 60 minutes and featuring three artists, so this time they extend up to 90 minutes with only one guest star, Min Ho.

Min Ho's arrival in the studio making Minoz (called Min Ho fans) invaded China in the hope of filming locations could see the face of the idol. Unfortunately only 1,500 lucky fans were allowed into the studio. Meanwhile, many thousands of other fans waiting around the set and continued to show support to Min Ho.

In the studio, the actor "City Hunter" (2011) gives a gift to MC a New Year greeting card shaped hanbok (traditional Korean dress). The card was given a year-end message and affixed his signature. In addition, Min Ho also for-for souvenirs to all the spectators in attendance.

So many who want to follow the filming of this event, had circulated the news that the TV service to sell tickets through brokers with a high enough price. But this news was denied by a spokesman for the TV station and told fans not being charged if you want to come to this event.


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