This includes one lucky teenager. High popularity in the world makes it easy to meet with anyone. Having had the opportunity to sing in front of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is now re-infestation Justin Bieber goddess fortuna. Selena Gomez lover has just had the opportunity to meet with world soccer star, Frank Lampard and Fernando Torres.

While visiting the headquarters of the club Chelsea at Stamford Bridge football stadium, Justin was allowed to play a round ball skill performance in front of three senior players, namely Fernando, Frank and Reggie Yates. All three players made ​​it a reliable ball amazed by the talent Justin in controlling the ball.

17-year-old singer was admitted fan of football. Earlier this year Justin had visited the headquarters of Barcelona when they go to Spain. After the meeting with the football star, Justin spent time with partying in a luxury VIP club in London.


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