Onew SHINee like 'Cook'

Besides singing, one of the personnel SHINee, Onew, apparently also have other hidden talents. This was disclosed two companions, Taemin and Key, SHINee attended the press conference during the launch of their travel essay book, "Children of the Sun". The event was held at M Pub, 5th floor Times Square, Yeongdeungpo, Seoul, Tuesday, December 13.

Taemin and Key admitted surprise when they know Onew good cook. Yet during this affair cooking in the dorm Were Left to Key.

"I've lived long with them, but I found a new side of Onew" Taemin said. "We're visiting someone who lives in Barcelona and eating foods that are named Palle. Onew help them cook, and since then I realized that she was smart cooking in the kitchen."

"I was also surprised to see the cooking time," added Key. "I was surprised again with a delicious flavor, because I chew rice immature."


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