Having previously used to win, Manchester City finally tasted defeat as well. This is where they tested a winning mentality, whether able to get up or even getting worse.

Earlier this week, the City felt the first defeat in the Premier League. Chelsea's 1-2 defeat at the headquarters of a record 14 matches unbeaten throughout unbroken.

The disappointment felt by the entire retainer of The Citizens. But, they wanted to forget it and determined to rise quickly.

"You do not indicate how good or strong your team at the moments where you win every game," said the captain City, Vincent Kompany, told Sky Sports News.

"After the defeat, it is important for you to show that you are still a team and you are ready for the next game," he added.

City's determination to return to victory lane will face the test which is not easy. This weekend, troops Roberto Mancini will be visited by a team that was ranked fifth on fire, Arsenal.

"Everyone is excited for the match against Arsenal and that's what we want now, playing football again on Sunday," said Kompany.

"That's the main thing for us - everyone is ready for the next game," said the Belgian international defender is.


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