Ridiculous story just came out of the mouth of Super Junior's Shindong. When the show on SBS, "Strong Heart", 13 December, Shindong admitted he was about to debut with a name that is quite strange, "Udon". Own Udon noodle soup is the name of a typical Japanese food.

"CEO Lee Soo Man said I had a funny face, so I was given the name 'Udon' as the name panggungku," Shindong said that laughter greeted the audience. "I protested and told him that the name was too much, so I suggested 'Dongchoon'."

"I also said that since my real name is Dong Hee Shin, hence the name 'Hee' thrown away so that it becomes 'Shindong'," added Shindong. "But he (Lee Soo Man) saying it was too plain and should be changed to 'Shin-don' (in Korean, 'don' meaning money)."

Shindong also said her boss did have a habit of looking for a unique name for the group orbitannya. Some other guest star almost did not believe the words of Shindong, but they've convinced the TRAX Super Junior and other personnel in attendance at the show come to justify speech Shindong.

"CEO Lee Soo Man said we need a unique name so that demand in this industry," Shindong story. "The nature of stubbornness that made us successful senior named as HOT Kangta (Kangta means 'goal')". Jungmo, TRAX personnel also added, "I remember one day U-Know Yunho (TVXQ) came to me and said, 'Our group will be named Dong Bang Shin Gi (which means' The Rising Gods of the East '). What can I do?' . "


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