Once the video is a bad comment on behalf of Justin Timberlake are circulating on the internet, now sister Jessica Biel, Justin Biel, appears to clarify. Justin wrote on his official Facebook account and said everything he says in the video was just a joke only.

"For all of you who still do not know and did not realize it. These are just a joke only," writes Justin. "Hahaha. Got you."

However clarification is different from Justin's explanation beverage company spokesman Tequila 901. According to the spokesman, the video is not a joke but an important part of the marketing campaign released a product without the permission of their companies.

As you know, December 14 and then suddenly the video appeared to show Justin's girlfriend was nagging and blaming his brother. According to him, the failure of the sale of drink in their company due to mistake the singer of "Cry Me a River" is. He also said that Justin had sabotaged the company by refusing to promote the drink.

"I've been waiting (Timberlake) to do something with this brand, like make a song, video, or pictures together," Justin said in the video. "I do not care. Do something because we're dying here."


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