While he was getting old, but it does not necessarily preclude Tom Cruise to remain in action in the action film genre. Towards the age of 50 years almost stepped on, Tom was not to stop starring in action movies after "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol".

"I will continue to do so, while I was still able to play," said the husband is Katie Holmes. "I really like action movies."

The actor who also starred in "Rock of Ages" has revealed that one day maybe he will stop. But for now he did not think would do it.

"I do not know, maybe one day I'll stop, but we'll see," added Tom. "When 50 years old are stepping surely you actually have to play a good film, is not it?"

Currently, Tom is busy promoting "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol". He was also involved in the production of several movies recently. Besides being a rocker in "Rock of Ages", Tom will also be starring in "One Shot" and "Horizons" which will be released later in 2013.


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