Ku Hye Sun shows a figure of him in the trailer premiere series "Take Care of Us, Captain". If Hye Sun plays as nan naive innocent girl in "Boys Over Flower" (2009), now he showed his acting skills are more serious.

Narrated in the trailer, Da Han Jin (Hye Sun) is the only female pilot in which he worked. As a woman who worked among the men, Da Jin initially underestimated. But gradually he tried to prove his ability as a professional pilot.

At the airport, the Da partnered with Kim Yoon Jin Sung (Ji Jin-Hee "Dong Yi") which is a senior pilot. They are also often different opinions, but because it is often with the seeds of love appears in between.

The series is also played by Lee Chun Hee ("Gloria" -2010). "Take Care of Us, Captain" directed film director Joo Dong Min and scheduled to air in January 2012 at the station SBS.


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