Westlife recently regretted her decision for not choosing the right song. Because the song "Lighthouse" which they choose as the flagship song album "Greatest Hits" was not as successful as one might imagine.

"Lighthouse" which was released last November is the song's creation of their colleagues, Gary Barlow. The song was only able to reach the position-32 in the UK music charts, but it's the only song they release and does not make the Top 10.

In addition to regret choosing the song "Lighthouse" as a flagship song, the group will disband next year it also sorry not to choose their own song creations personnel Westlife, Mark Feehily. As you know, Mark wrote a song called "Beautiful World".

"It's disappointing because we had never been in such a sequence chart (below)," said Nicky Byrne. "Our fans have also bought tickets for the concert in May next year."

"The song 'Beautiful World' which was created by Mark definitely better," said Nicky furious. "But somehow we will disband. Is that song go number 1 or 100, it made no difference for us for six months."


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