Ad Song Hye Kyo's latest smartphone has just been released. At the output of China's mobile advertising, Hye Kyo looks very pretty and sexy. Some of the scenes photos on this ad many reported by Chinese media. They praised the beauty of Hye Kyo is like a goddess while performing his duties as the product commercials.

Filming was done ad smartphone in Taiwan last month. Netter and fans will not cease to give praise to this ex-lover Hyun Bin.

Meanwhile, Hye Kyo is rumored to be starring in the latest movie director John Woo's "Life and Death". Previous title of this film is "1949" and never mentioned Hye Kyo while attending the Cannes International Film Festival in France in 2008. But along with the time, this production process was canceled.

Three years later, the film project was revived by Hye Kyo, John Woo and producer Terence Chang veteran. Later, Hye Kyo will act totally use the Chinese language in this movie.


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