Get ready to see a different figure for the leading lady "Full House 2". If Han Ji Eun played by Song Hye Kyo in "Full House" (2004) looks feminine with long hair style and a bit choppy, then another case with Hwang Jung Eum. Starring Jang Man Ok in the serial "Full House 2" will choose a new hairstyle that could be considered a bit extreme.

Recently published a photo of Jung Eum style his hair a la Beethoven. In the photo, Jung Eum appears cropped hair shorter and made ​​curly. Many fans who comment on the hair, but most like and can not wait to see the "Full House 2".

"Your hair is so cute! Is this going to be Beethoven's hair trends in 2012?" said one fan. "I can not wait to see it in 'Full House 2'."

"Full House 2" itself will present a different love story with "Full House". The series tells the story of poor writers love, Jang Man Ok (Hwang Jung Eum), and top stars, Lee Tae Ik (No Min-woo). Although different, the series will remain focused on the story of a false marriage between superstar and the author.

The series will be aired in Japan through the station TBS, March 2012. Who had a successful series starring Rain and Song Hye Kyo was written manuscript by Park Yeon Sook. In addition to Jung Eum and Min-woo, "Full House 2" also starring Park Woong Ki and Yoo Seol Ah.


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