Starring John Haufman in the movie "The Flowers of War", Christian Bale, was attacked by security guards in China while trying to visit a blind activist Chen Guangcheng. When visiting, Christian along with the CNN crew received rough treatment from the Chinese guards there.

While expelled, Christian even CNN had a camera crew and forced entry. The angry guards finally took the camera.

"I actually did not dare do this," said 37-year-old actor, Thursday, December 15. "Local people have the power. They're going to beat anyone who dared to visit the Chen family. I just wanted to show my support to the Chen family."

Legal activist Chen Guangcheng was once a lawyer who was under house arrest. He was recently released from prison due to accused of damaging property and disrupting traffic during the demo. The actor of "The Dark Knight Rises" is interested in seeing the figure of Chen's television activist who raised this suffering.

"I wanted to shake hands with him (Chen) and say 'Thank you'," said actor Dicky Eklund in the movie "The Fighter" is. "Also tell him he is my inspiration."


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