Recent photographs of the serial genre romantic comedy, "Bachelor's Vegetable Store" outstanding. The series of photos showed the work done Ji Chang Wook vegetables to become a successful entrepreneur.

Interestingly, some of the photos show the scene when Chang-wook must be bare-chested in public places. Funnily enough, the actor series "Warrior Baek Dong Soo" was mobbed by local moms. But rather than fear, Chang Wook smiling happily even in that scene.

The series tells about a young greengrocer, Lee Young-seok, who wants to be successful. Because of his persistence he managed to become one of the prominent young businessman in Korea. Series itself inspired by the life story of Young Seok who managed to build a vegetable store into a large franchise network in the country.

A number of stars involved starring in "Bachelor's Vegetable Store", which Wang Ji Hye ("Personal Taste" -2010), Kim Young Kwang ("My Fair Lady" -2009), Lee Kwang Soo ("City Hunter" -2011) and Park Soo Jin ("My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho"). Serial directed by Lee Joon Hyeong will be premiered the end of December this year at the station Channel A.


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