As a girlband with a considerable number of personnel, 9 people, Girls' Generation have to accept the fact if they can not receive an honorarium as a whole because it remains to be divided equally. While appearing on the show KBS "Happy Together", December 15, Kwon Yuri reveal how the distribution of honors at the body of Girls' Generation.

Yuri does not appear that day alone, he was accompanied by Seohyun, Tae Yeon and Sooyoung. When asked MC Park Myung Soo how to divide their fees, Yuri carefully replied, "If you look at the event, our fee is divided into nine."

MC then asked again, "There must be a higher revenue. Who is the most revenue?". Once again Yuri replied cautiously, "Not that personnel must have the most starred in ads?". MC answers directly Yuri jokingly replied, "It seems people will compute your income after the event is over."

In this event, Tae Yeon also pleaded not attracted to debut as a soloist. "I do not want to do (solo). I do not feel too overwhelmed on stage thanks to the appearance of my friends," said Tae Yeon. "They cover the flaws, they are very nice patch up weaknesses. I'm more suited performing as a group."


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