CL 2NE1 on 'Newsday' BBC

December 16, 2NE1 appear on the show "Newsday" belonging to one of British TV station, BBC. The ability of CL to chat with the English language fluently and making many fans praised netter.

In this event, CL talk about their victory last November on MTV Iggy as "Best Newcomer Band in the World". She also talked about the popularity of K-Pop music all over the world lately.

"We are very proud and honored to perform at a concert attended by many famous musicians (on MTV)," said CL with fluent English. "It's because music has no language. The music is connected with the culture. It is heartening for us to perform represent the K-Pop."

In a brief interview lasted three minutes, the CL also expressed hope for a girlband who represents the women of Asia. "I hope we can represent the women of Asia. Music is the reason for our success," she continued.


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