Girl band from South Korea, Wind Hold Venus, has just signed a contract for the Five Star brand clothing ads. Special, contract value was quite astonishing, which is worth 7 million yen which is equivalent to 100 million won.

According to their agency, Plus 9 Entertainment, the company Mizuya International Wind was the one who signed the Hold Venus. They lined up to promote the latest collection of clothes production.

Wind Hold Venus apparently attracted the attention of the Japanese public for the first time after appearing on the Japanese edition of Rolling Stones last October. When they introduce themselves as a group of South Korea's first girl band.

Amid the onslaught of girlband and boyband South Korea, the presence of Venus Wind Hold this feels like a breath of fresh air for the citizens of Japan. When a model barefoot in Nagoya Collection, the band fronted by four personnel is also a lot like the Japanese.

"There are many plans to Hold Wind Venus in Japan. They plan to enter the business world such as clothing or glasses," said representative Mizuya. "They are very unique and different from other female groups. They have the talent and unlimited potential."

The statement was echoed by representatives of their agency. "They'll be more active in Japan and started by starring in this commercial," said representatives Plus 9 Entertainment.


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