Just like Sun Ye, Wonder Girls Sohee apparently also keeps a grim story of the past. Childhood experiences were told when appearing on the show KBS, "National Talk Show Hello", which aired Monday, December 12.

According Sohee, his past goes flat. When a teenager, she often felt lonely. Sohee was forced to open the old story again for sharing the story with a special guest on the show. She is a girl who was frustrated because his father was a TV addict.

"My parents both worked when I was a teenager," said Sohee. "So even though I want to go somewhere with them or do something with them, I always can not."

Sohee then provide advice to the girl so she was excited with life. She also hoped she could recover from the "disease" of addiction to TV. "I hope your daughter can have more memories with her parents," Sohee message.


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