Had claimed to envy with Adele, Chris Martin is now back to feel inferior to other world famous singer, Lady GaGa. Last November, the band Coldplay's frontman is met directly with Mother Monster in the musical "Children In Need Rocks" in Manchester.

From that meeting Chris immediately felt inferior to the singer of "Born This Way" is. According to him, GAGA could easily write good songs in a short time.

"She's very sweet. The most striking was his talent and she could write any songs," says Chris. "I really admire the hat, stage costumes, madness and everything, because I know underneath it all she could beat me in terms of songwriting."

Coldplay is currently busy planning a gig and her world concert tour. I was so busy, Chris claimed not to prepare ourselves for Christmas. "I do not even think about Christmas, but less than two weeks," added Chris.


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