Jung Il Woo fans seem to want to indulge. Serial which he starred, "Boy Ramyun Flower Shop's", the current will enter the final episode and Il Woo wanted to celebrate that moment with his fans. The actor who has starred in "My Fair Lady" (2009) held a watching the show with the last episode of series romantic comedy genre.

Interestingly, Il Woo accidentally rented the theater for the event to be held December 20 is. Il Woo admitted he did this to thank to the support of the fans as long as he starred in the series. Popularity Il Woo is currently being bounced make 500 tickets sold out instantly just two minutes after sales opened online.

"Even after the sale offline, many fans who still want to buy these tickets," said the manager of the show. "We had no choice but to close the locket."

"Ramyun Flower Shop Boy's" own romantic tale tells of a place in a stall ramyun. The stall owner was a high school student who is still young. But he has a handsome employees in managing it. The love story rolled between them.

Besides Il Woo series also stars Lee Chung Ah ("Temptation of Wolves" -2004) and Lee Ki Woo ("A Love to Kill" -2005). Serial which is always achieve this high rating Jung Jung Hwa director directed the successful work on the "Full House" (2004) and "Coffee House" (2010). "Ramyun Flower Shop Boy's" aired on the station TVN in 16 episodes.


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