Google has set up a virtual assistant with the intent to compete with the voice feature in the iPhone 4S Siri. Tuesday, December 13, Google has acquired Clever Sense, a leading virtual assistant named Alfred.

Although not yet able to talk like Siri, Alfred applications capable of doing a search through the internet. In addition, this application provides recommendations for the location of restaurants, bars, clubs and coffee shops and other places that are needed by users.

"We made Alfred to create a simple, enjoyable and useful to find a new place and help make decisions when they want to travel," said co-founder and CEO CleverSense. "It was interesting watching our passion turn into applications that are used regularly by people around the world for the sake of making the right decisions for them."

Alfred armed with a search system called "Serendipity". Later the system will learn the user interests based on interactions in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Currently, the application of this Alfred has been available on the App Store and Android Market.


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