One of the world's most legendary stadiums is looking for a new home. "The Claw", the state-of-the-art heart of the recently signed U2, record-grossing tour 360, was officially after 110 concerts in 30 countries retirement.

The price: If you have to ask ...

"It's not like buying a can of Coke," quips David James of Panther Management, which has seen the sale of the stage of more than 7 million U2 fans. (There is, in fact, to sell three identical stages.)

"It really depends on what you want to do with it," says James. "How and where you'll use it makes the price is very variable." He said, the price will be "a fraction of what it cost, to build it. "

Designed by Bono, Willie Williams and Mark Fisher, was the massive structure is an industry first, called The Claw claw-like support for its four platforms. The in-the-round stage was designed to withstand up to 185 tons of support and high wind speeds while maintaining seismic loads. Its cylindrical video screen that opens up to 14,000 square meters, is not included.

"We are repurpose on this thing," says James. "It's an amazing start to his life had. We try to find it a good second home."

Possible applications include everything from a laboratory bio-dome/conservation a magnet on a World's Fair or the Olympics. It can be a permanent or portable structure. As a place, it can provide coverage for 2,800 people.

James has already received "a number of inquiries" from all over the world. He suggests that the rungs may be purchased by a city for a waterfront landmark, to be a permanent music venue, or used for special occasions.

The people of Hard Rock International are interested. They collect rock memorabilia, although usually not so great. Think Madonna's tasseled bustier.

"It's a piece that we would like. Our designers have a great day of work with that," said Jeff Nolan, rock historian / guru at the Hard Rock memorabilia. "U2 is an icon, and their memorabilia has an emotional connection to their fans."

Nolan says he is The Claw at the Hard Rock hotel and casino properties with grounds large enough to house to see it displayed. So far the biggest piece of memorabilia from Hard Rock owned the bus in The Beatles' 1967 film Magical Mystery Tour is used. But a 28 287 square meter stage?

The whole idea is to think big.

"Why should children have to settle for a scale model?" asks Christopher Byrne, aka The Toy Guy, Director of Content TimetoPlayMag.com. "For entertainment-based toys to play are reliving an experience and creating new ones through, this is the best stage for classic will always play."

Byrne says his only worry is: Who will make the life-size action figures U2, and children are now whining for a real transformer?

"Probably not something to fear," he says. "This is finally the ultimate niche product."

Interested buyers can under panthermanagement.com / theclaw.


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