A fur coat once owned by martial arts film star Bruce Lee, has sold at auction in Hong Kong for almost nine times the expected price.

It was from a U.S. couple for HK $ 600,000; purchased (£ 47,000 U.S. $ 77,000).

Which remained unfinished, as Lee died the same year at the age of 32 - The jacket was worn by Lee in 1973 for the filming of Game of Death.

Twelve additional items, including a letter and a name card, went under the hammer, increase in total HK $ 1.7m.

The elements were all sold by a private collector in what was the largest ever auction of Bruce Lee memorabilia.

The jacket was worn by Lee for pre-advertising photo shoots, and the Hong Kong premiere of his most famous Movie, Enter the Dragon, shortly before his death.

Silvana and Greg Manning, the U.S. couple who will receive the award, said it was "a unique piece and a keepsake for a cult figure."

"Bruce Lee is considered one of the most important people in the martial arts area recognized," the Reuters news agency quoted Mr. Manning for granted.

"He is truly a pioneering role in the movie genre, and we respect him as a person and a person for his work and his art and for what he did."

A two-page letter Lee wrote to his friend Taky Kimura in 1966 in which he talked about filming his TV show The Green Hornet, sold for HK $ 40,000.

Albert Wong, a Hong Kong businessman, who bought several items, said Lee had taught him "to challenge the unlimited".

"He tried his best to search for excellence," Mr Wong told reporters.

Bruce Lee is considered by many to have been one of the greatest martial arts star and is bringing Kung Fu to the mainstream credit.

He remains very popular, especially in Hong Kong, where he grew up, before moving to the United States.


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