Chernobyl - Year 1986 is an event that stir the world. In that year a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Ukraine, exploded. This event was recorded as the worst nuclear disaster in history.

Horrible disaster turned out to have a tourist attraction. Last December, the official site of the reactor number four is the source of the explosion was opened to tourism. This tour is limited to the exclusion zone as far as 30-miles around the reactors.

You are going to Ukraine could be made time to visit the Chernobyl to see the city spared from the terrible disaster that killed thousands of people.

How secure?

Curious, you may ask how safe the tours there? Experts say, there's still radiation "hot spots" scattered throughout the zone, so that every visitor should follow the guidelines very carefully.

It should not be split from the group although there is a desire for a little exploration. It is said by the International Atomic Energy Agency, although the radioactive isotopes remain in the exclusion zone but still on the level of tolerance for a limited time period. So still safe for tours there origin follow established procedure.

Time reactor

In addition to Pripyat, the main purpose of this tour is a visit to a nuclear reactor. Nearest observation point is about 200 meters from the reactor and offers good views from the center of radiation injury without exposing the "excessive" to you.

What can you see?

Welcome to Pripyat, a ghost town of Chernobyl. Pripyat, a town which was built as the residence of the workers eventually abandoned after the Chernobyl disaster. Formerly, Pripyat was home to 50,000 people, until the evacuation which took about 36 hours after the reactor explosion and the townspeople do not ever come back.

Currently, more than two decades later, the empty city streets overgrown with weeds. Strange and quiet atmosphere increasingly described seeing the school, apartments, and shops. Perhaps, walking around Pripyat like being on location shooting a Hollywood post-catastrophe.

The most depressing sights that await you are ready for the amusement park is planned to be opened just days before the disaster occurred. There are rainbow that has not had time to operate and is now a symbol of an unforgettable disaster.

Some villages are deserted. Many of the former settlement in much better condition than the Pripyat and offers a unique look into the life of the Soviet countryside. A Church of St. Michael in Krasnoe reportedly still used for worship by a handful of parents who are "illegal" back home since the disaster.


In the vicinity of the location you can see some animals such as lynxes, owls and swans. There are also wild boar, deer, foxes and wolves. When you visit a factory cooling pond, you can feed a big catfish that grow there.

Recent studies indicate that radiation has caused a decrease in biodiversity and has a long-term health effects on animals that are in the zone.

How to get there

If you are interested, Chernobyl is located approximately 70 miles from the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. There is no independent way to the exclusion zone and daily travel by official companies charge between $ 100-US $ 300, depending on the number of people in the group.


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