Fukushima, Tokyo - Three people in Japan exposed to radiation after the evacuation of the city near the nuclear plant after the earthquake the earth.

"Three people were randomly selected for inspection from about 90 in-patients transferred from hospital in the town of Futaba-machi," said NHK (Nippon Housou Kyoukai).

Patients are waiting for rescuers in the field school for a long time outside. Then transferred by helicopter during the explosion of a nuclear installation Fukushima, NHK said.

This explosion causes smoke gush from the nuclear power plant (NPP). This causes fear and possible ruin a day after a large earthquake on the cooling system installation.

The government declared an emergency situation and told tens of thousands of atoms that people living within a radius of 20 kilometers of the plant must leave immediately. Operators of nuclear power plant said that confining the reactor container is not damaged even though there is an explosion.


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