Ben Stiller says his new movie 30 minutes or less is not on a real life event based.

It has been speculated that produced the project forced Stiller about a man, a time bomb vest to wear a similar incident that happened eight years ago was based.

However, speaking at the film's Hollywood premiere, Stiller said, "It was always completely separated, we have never been in any way they wanted in some way connect with what really happened ..

And so is the movie''total fiction and his own thing, and I do not think that should be taken in any way in connection with this incident and we are in no way trying to portray that. "

In 2003, a 46-year-old man killed when a bomb metal collar forced to wear it while robbing a bank exploded in Pennsylvania. His family criticized the film's plot than to have the feeling it is too similar.

Taken 30 minutes or less in the U.S. from time to time by the UK cinemas in October.


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