Lady GaGa provide something special for the fans. GaGa presents new single, "Marry the Night".

GaGa wrote his own poems, which reveal the courage GaGa in making the decision to stay in Brooklyn and leaving Hollywood for the sake of career.

"I'm gonna marry the night/ I won't give up on my life. I'm a warrior queen/ Live passionately tonight," "Marry the Night" lyrics.

In addition to "Marry the Night", GaGa also released "The Edge of Glory" on May 9 through iTunes. GaGa was also preparing for the single cover.

"my song entitled THE EDGE OF GLORY will be released on iTunes tomorrow, start the countdown for the launch of the album," wrote GaGa on Twitter. "You want to see the cover of the song The Edge of Glory?"

"The Edge of Glory" tells the story of the last moments of one's life on Earth. For the album will be released around May 23.

"Marry The Night" - Lady Gaga. You can free download from YouTube:


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