Taylor Swift brings the latest music videos, "Mean". Taylor uses Orpheum Theatre and sets the stage so that it looks like a house in the area of ​​agriculture. Taylor also launch "Mean" new cover.

In this video, he appears to play a musical instrument typically African, Banjo. Taylor tells the story of children who are victims of humiliation by their peers.

Taylor also took a role as a woman who held hostage by two criminals. Elsewhere, Taylor appeared as a singer in a Broadway show and only watched by a little girl.

"One day, I'll be, living in a big old city. And all you're ever going to be is mean," Taylor Swift "Mean" lyrics.

Reported by Daily Mail, Taylor wanted to convey a message of anti humiliation through this song. He also tried to evoke the spirit of the people who get the insult, that one day they can become more powerful.

For the cultivation of this video, he entrusted to the director Declan Whitebloom. It took them two days to undergo the process of filming a video in Los Angeles.

"Mean" - Taylor Swift Deploy Anti-Harassment Messages, Official Music Video. You can free download from YouTube:


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