Pedro Almodovar collaboration with Antonio Banderas to make the movie "The Skin That I Live In".

"The Skin That I Live In" tells the story of a leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Ledgard, are interested in creating a new skin that could save his wife who had a car accident. After 12 years, he managed to grow skin that could be used as a shield attack.

To develop study and research, Robert needs a volunteer. He also get Marilia, a woman who is willing to serve as guinea pigs.

The film will premiere in Cannes Film Festival on May 11-22 As for American release in theaters, Sony Pictures vote in November.

The film was written by Pedro Almodovar. The stars who are members of: Elena Anaya (Vera), Marisa Paredes (Marilia), Blanca Suarez (Norma), Jan Cornet, Roberto Alamo (Zeca), Eduard Fernandez and Jose Luis Gomez.

 "The Skin That I Live In": Antonio Banderas became Plastic Surgeon (Official Trailer):


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