Look younger with the latest breakthrough, "apple stem cell therapy". This therapy is an anti-aging procedure that can make the skin young again.

In Switzerland in the 18th century planted a rare kind of apple tree. Apple fruit, called Uttwiler Sptlaube, has a very long lifespan.

Apple contains stem cells that are very active. Having the ability to regenerate other cells. Scientists extract stem cells from the fruit, include 10% medical grade oxygen, and created a therapeutic facial cream.

Owner and head beautician at Renew Anti-Aging Center, New York, Caramel O'Neill, explaining the apple stem cell therapy could help revive the loss of skin elasticity due to aging.

On reaching the age of 30, was quoted huffingtonpost.com site, you have lost 70% of oxygen in the skin, a large number of oxygen loss.

"This therapy is like a reverse aging of the skin. You can turn skin cells back, and give life back to the skin," said Caramel O'Neill.


Ashley said...

Reading this article reminded me of this other article I found online:

It's amazing how both articles discuss the positive effects that stem cells have on the skin. Apparently, stem cells can be used for cosmetic procedures as well. I agree with what you said. And I also think it's worth mentioning that stem cell can be found in fat cells, in addition to our bone marrows. I just learned that from the article on NewYou.

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