Big Weekend, BBC Radio 1, Lady GaGa acts as a pregnant mother and singing "Born This Way", reported by BBC Radio 1.

When acting together dancers, GaGa look pregnant from the side. Dressed in black costumes and leather jackets, GaGa find it difficult to remove a jacket because it obstructed the stomach. Thus, GaGa need help from the dancers to let go of his jacket.

GaGa make changes to the hair to cover the latest song, "Hair. " GaGa change with pink hair. GaGa dressed all in black, as is used when appearing at Grammy Awards 2011.

"I really like this song (Hair)," says GaGa, reported by Music Rooms. "When I was a kid, I loved up and down stairs and my parents said, 'Go back upstairs and brush your hair, change your shirt, you can not wear it'. I guess that shows my identity."

Lady GaGa - "Born This Way" (Live at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend) Video:


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