Ke$ha will bring the feel of "rock and roll"on a new album. Ke$ha admitted busy with various recording schedule for the second album. Ke$ha has prepared some songs that rock '70s era.

"I'm working on some songs for next album, but so far I think his music will carry the rhythm of 'rock and roll'," said Ke$ha to MTV. "I have written many songs' rock and roll 'in the 70s and I will reveal the' rock and roll 'the truth. This song would sound sexy and cool and will not sound terrible. So, we'll put a little flow of' rock and roll 'in it. "

Ke$ha said that the success in the music industry was overshadowed by the life story of the artist's idol, Keith Richards, who became a source of inspiration Ke$ha, which began in 2005.


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