Beyonce Knowles presents the music video "Run the World (Girls)". Beyonce successfully satisfy the fans through the launch of the video in the show "American Idol" season 10.

Launched www.beyonceonline.com, in the video that Beyonce is acting as head of the army. She led hundreds of women to attack the men with a way to show their toughness and strength through the action choreography as she yelled, "Run the world, girls!".

"My persuasion can build a nation, Endless power, without love we can devour/ You'll do anything for me," "Run the World (Girls)" lyrics.

"Video 'Run the World (Girls)' will be something big and may be one of the greatest music video for Beyonce career," said Francis about the video. "I can say this as an incredible song."

"It's very risky than other, more easily track the process. I just listened to tracks and then love it, it is very different," says Beyonce. "There are few elements from Africa, containing electronic music and futuristic."

Beyoncé Knowles - "Run The World (Girls)" Official Music Video. You can free download from YouTube:


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