Robert Pattinson wants to switch profession as a singer. Robert video circulating online, reported by Socialite Life.

The fans did not seem surprised by the existence of the video. Robert said that often find the current time-intensive shooting schedule just to hone vocal abilities. In an interview on BBC Radio 1, Robert said he wanted to appear on stage and sing.

"I want to perform in a show because I've never done it," said Robert. "This is something different. If you've never done, then it will make you addicted."

In the interview, Robert was experiencing saturation in acting for a long time to his profession. Reported by Examiner, playing the guitar turned out to be one favorite hobby. And if one day there will not be an actor, he will pursue a career in music.

Robert Pattinson "Songs from a Room" Official Extended Video Version. You can free download from YouTube:


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