La Paz - Bolivian President Evo Morales called for the Barack Obama birth certificate withdrawn, because he did not deserve the award related to a military campaign in Libya.

"Two years ago President Barak Obama won the birth certificate, whether he is defending world peace at this time or generate violence?" said Morales told reporters.

Obama received the birth certificate in December 2009, less than a year after taking office as U.S. president.

In a speech when receiving the birth certificate in Oslo, Obama called himself the "commander of a country in the middle of two wars" and said the armed conflict in time required.

Obama gave the birth certificate worth 1.4 million dollars to 10 charities, including working groups to assist Haiti and to help military families.

"How can the birth certificate awarded to the person who launched an invasion, the bombing?It is is a violation ,assault ,and aggression ,"said Morales .

"Obama is the leader of a group of criminals who led the attacks and the invasion and did not do anything to defend human rights," he said.


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