Ovarian cancer is the leading cause of death most of all gynecological cancers? Many newly identified cases of ovarian cancer after an advanced stage.

British Medical Journal and Targeting Ovarian Cancer (TOC) in the United Kingdom stated that it took one month to find out the disease, after symptoms appear. There is a common symptom that can be recognized. If the common symptoms are known, then treatment can be more rapid and greater opportunity to heal.

Women must know the common symptoms of ovarian cancer. If you experience the following symptoms, do not delay to see a doctor immediately. Common symptoms of ovarian cancer include:

1. increased abdominal size large
2. often feel pain in abdomen
3. vaginal bleeding
4. often feel satiety
5. headaches and often feel tired
6. frequent vomiting and defecation
7. no appetite or difficult to eat
8. drastic weight loss
9. constant bloating
If you feel these symptoms, immediately consult a physician. TOC states, symptoms of ovarian cancer is often not detected by physicians. So you get accurate results ask for further tests or to seek "second opinion".


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