Lenovo launch the latest notebooks, Lenovo G470 and Lenovo G570. Lenovo's latest notebook comes with a size of 14 inches and other sizes.

Lenovo G Series notebook namely G470 and G570, with the second generation of Intel Core processors. With G470 and G570 14-inch display with 15-inch screen. Display elegant, attractive color, with glossy on the front sector.

Lenovo G470 for users and professional workers, learners, because it has the appearance of an elegant dark colors. Used for daily activities. as for online activities, chat, games. Lenovo G470 uses starting from the size of 500GB hdd, and has features of the Wireless Display. For maximum use of graphics, have been integrated well with the 3D display features.

Options ranging from 1GB of RAM and above and Windows OS 7 or DOS version. Excess will be integrated OS, with Windows Enhanced Experience 2.0, which gives the speed at startup, shutdown, gaming, and a dynamic contrast ratio. Lenovo G470 with prices starting at $ 469 and can be tailored to the needs of users will be various other additional features.


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