Italy, Silvio Berlusconi attend the trial on charges of corruption in Milan on Monday (3/28/2011) morning. Diamelambaikan hands to reporters and said that the charges are unreasonable.

"There are no facts which are used by prosecutors in preparing his case," said Berlusconi.

The trial which lasted closed today, Berlusconi has become a suspect in 50 cases of law throughout his career. Berlusconi often exercise the right to not attend the hearing. However, this time Mr Berlusconi said he would attend the sessions to prove his innocence.

Dozens of supporters stood outside the courthouse carrying a number of placards and flags. Berlusconi said that the legal process it, to remove main obstacle in taking power.

Berlusconi faces two other corruption charges and one count of sexual relations services purchased from a commercial sex worker under age. Although corruption and sex scandals are lower popularity, is still not yet a threat to his position as prime minister of Italy. Berlusconi has repeatedly said he is innocent.


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