DWTS - Chris Brown, currently appearing in Dancing With the Stars out of focus. who will be the first star out.

"Love Line" is a co-host Mike Catherwood first celebrity cast-off Dancing With the Stars.

Catherwood received 30 out of 60 points. It was the lowest combined value of 11 contestants.

In the bottom three with Sugar Ray Leonard and Wendy Williams. When Catherwood was told by Tom Bergeron that he would go, and praised his partner Lacey Schwimmer.

"There has been but the experience enjoyable," he said. "It sucks to be sent first home, but I've made many good American friends clearly know that Lacey Schwimmer is a beautiful person outside,. But everyone should know he's the same, if not more, beautiful on the inside. I've made friends for life .

Chris Brown, last week's damage to the locker room after the interview "GMA", while Robin Roberts asked about Rihanna.

Cheryl Burke says she was the victim of domestic violence. "As a victim of domestic violence, I do not agree with him coming on the show, but that's beyond my control," said Burke Extra.

Bergeron also said he did not really want to talk with Brown.

Bergeron on KIIS-FM radio show Ryan Seacrest's, "because my natural tendency would be to say something. So do not put me in a position where you are asking me for not saying something, because I really would not do it."


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