Apple Launch iOS 4.3.1

Apple released iOS 4.3.1, to fix the bug, which is associated with a mobile connection, graphics and Apple TV on Friday (03/25/2011).

iOS 4.3.1 to fix the graphical errors, which affect the fourth-generation iPod touch, resolved bugs related to the activation and connection to multiple wireless networks.

Apple iOS 4.3.1 also fixes an error that resulted in flicker images, digital AV adapter when connecting Apple TV to a television.

iOS 4.3.1 is available for the iPhone 3G and 4, iPad and iPad 2 and iPod fourth-generation.

Verizon iPhone users do not have iOS 4.3.1. iOS 4.3.1 expected to have the ability hotspotting which refers to a public place, which has internet service using Wireless LAN technology.


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